2019 Letter – Year in Review

December, 2019

Dear Friend,

Thanks to your support, this has been another amazing year for Time’s Up! Environmental Organization and our planet. Everyday more and more people are becoming aware of the urgency of climate change and how their everyday actions affect not only local but global conditions. As we celebrate the beginning of another year, we would like to take this opportunity to invite you to our annual  New Year’s Eve Bike Ride and after party.

As the youth movement enlightens millions in the importance of sustainable practice in all levels of life, our 32 years of grassroots-level experience continue to make headway and inspire different movements: from the styrofoam ban to auto-free urban spaces. As we enter 2020, we’re excited not only to continue this progress, but also to adapt our programming towards this eco-conscious youth movement with new events, actions, and campaigns.

Our group bike rides have continuously encouraged new ridership and the growth of safe urban infrastructure; this year, we have expanded into New Jersey with a popular street-art bike ride, while participation in New York’s Critical Mass ride has steadily grown again. These safe and fun group rides are currently attracting many new riders from the outer boroughs, empowering these new cyclists with a sense of confidence and community. The more this sense of confidence spreads among new riders, the more they are able to overcome on-going corporate peer-pressure against cycling and expand bicycling within their own neighborhoods and communities.

Time’s Up! is continuing to promote auto-free parks, expanded green-ways, and the protection and preservation of community gardens. New York City has over 500 community gardens; this year, with our partner, the Museum of Reclaimed Urban Space, we featured these gardens in our first international exhibit in Paris, France. “Trans-Atlantic Cultures: Gardens from Paris to New York” was a huge success, featuring the story of New York City’s community gardens and the creation of a new garden in partnership with local groups. We also increased the number of community workshops in gardens including events on bike-repair, composting, honey-beekeeping, and medicinal herbs.

Our volunteers have been supporting these community gardens for over two decades and continue to do so with our weekly greenups. As part of this long-term commitment to keeping the gardens run by the community, we have been organizing and fighting for the rights of these gardens to make their own operating decisions, which has been threatened by a new City licensing agreement.

The current presidential administration has been relentless in rolling back a range of environmental standards and denying the effects of climate change. Our grassroots level organizing will continue to be an example of sustainable practice in action that encourages new urban design and infrastructures to fight climate crisis on the community level. A donation to Time’s Up! will help us continue our much needed educational and outreach efforts. Please donate today so that Time’s Up! can continue its unique grassroots events and campaigns.

Your continued tax-deductible support for Time’s Up! will help our educational and outreach efforts. The planet needs us! Happy Holidays!


Bill Di Paola

Founder, TIME’S UP!

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