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TIME’S UP! is run completely by volunteers.

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Everything we do — from organizing events to maintaining this website to fielding press inquiries to mailing our calendar — is done by volunteers who commit their time and energy to helping the environment by helping TIME’S UP! (To learn more about what we do, check out our 35th Anniversary Timeline.)

If you would like to participate in any or many of the fun and exciting events and/or positions listed below, contact timesup.events@gmail.com.

If you’d like to be added to our volunteer email list, please contact timesup.events@gmail.com.

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Volunteer Committees and Meetings

Want to become a volunteer with TIME’S UP!? Join one of our committees and start making a difference.

TIME’S UP! is an all-volunteer organization, so even more than exciting ideas, we need your energy, creativity, and commitment to make these ideas come to fruition. Our committees are the powerhouse behind TIME’S UP! and we’d love for you to join us — there’s no need to RSVP or sign up, just show up and get involved. New volunteers are welcome. To find out more information about the next meeting you can contact timesup.events@gmail.com.                      

  • Bike Co-op–If you are interested in helping out with any of our bike repair workshops, email xupbicyclecoop@gmail.com. For more information visit the Bike Co-op page or feel free to stop in at a workshop and talk to one of the mechanics about getting involved. We have two workshop locations:
    • Time’s Up! Outdoor Bike Repair Class (La Plaza Cultural Community Garden, located on the corner of 9th St and Ave C.)
      • Every 1st & 3rd Saturday at 1-2 PM
    • Time’s Up! Fix Your Own Bike (Time’s Up location at 626 E 14th St)
      • Every Wednesday/Sunday at 4:30/4-8 PM
  • Community Garden Committee–Coordinates events, including parties and actions, at local community gardens. Email timesup.events@gmail.com for more info.
  • Calendar Mailing Party Potluck–Come meet some new people, share some snacks and help mail out TIME’S UP! monthly event calendar–hot off the press!
  • Fundraising Committee–TIME’S UP! needs your funky fundraising ideas and your volunteer energy to keep our free rides and events happening.
  • Event Planning Meeting and New Volunteer Meet and Greet–Do you have creative ideas for new bike rides, community garden clean-ups, clown rides, etc? Or are you a new volunteer and want to help with events? Email timesup.events@gmail.com for more info.
  • Picture and Video Documentation — Coordinates the documentation of events and campaigns, produces videos, and collects pictures and video for the website, press and legal defense. Email timesup.events@gmail.com for more info.
Volunteers at work.

Volunteer Positions

We are looking for committed people to serve as interns and long-term event and committee coordinators. Have fun and meet new people while making a difference for the planet with TIME’S UP! For more information or to apply, email timesup.events@gmail.com.

Current volunteer positions include:

Day-to-day Tasks

  • INTERN for college credit 10-15 hours per week, flexible schedule, help save the planet while earning school credit! Learn all about the operation of a 30-year-old, community-based and all volunteer grass-roots activist organization. TIME’S UP! is a not-for-profit, direct-action, environmental group that uses events and educational programs to promote a more sustainable, less toxic city. TIME’S UP! has a wide variety of campaigns and events, including bike rides promoting transportation and community garden clean-ups, therefore interns will have the opportunity to go out into the field. Internship duties include: assisting the director in setting up spaces for workshops and events, organizing internet and paper correspondence, responding to membership requests, disseminating information to members and volunteers. Interns should be interested in environmental issues, motivated self-starters with savvy internet and good people skills. A good sense of humor also helps. Please send current resume and cover letter to: timesup.events@gmail.com
  • Real Estate Coordinator: Go through emails of all real estate interests and send promotional materials and set up meetings (we have a great “Find a New Space” video on our website front page, which you can use to solicit new spaces). We are always looking for spaces. Right now the museum is good, but our space on 14th street is a little too small, so we are looking to expand. The space must be located near the lower Manhattan bridges to accommodate bikers, preferably on a ground floor. Our nonprofit status can be used as a tax break for whoever lets us use the space.
  • Statistical Analyst: Research the effects of initiatives found on the Time’s Up Timeline. We need to supplement all past and current initiatives with a statistical analysis of how our environmental campaigns have contributed to carbon reduction, reducing cancer, saving lives, etc. 
  • Outdoor Coordinator: Setting up a table with information at outdoor locations including street closings, fairs, and parks. Tables and chairs can be borrowed from the museum. We also have tents and plenty of literature.


  • Community Garden Coordinator: Help to organize all events in gardens, including weekend volunteer garden green-ups. Should have some gardening skills and weekend availability. Director will introduce you to each garden and help you with volunteer green-up days.


  • Volunteer Coordinator: Work with the director to seek out new and existing volunteers, and help get them started on projects, campaigns, events, bike rides, etc. Answering volunteer emails and promotions, organizing volunteer picnics and parties. Creating email lists for different categories of the volunteers (we already have the emails, we just need to organize them). Must have good people skills. 
  • Fundraising Coordinator: This is the most important issue right now. We have spaces, volunteers, campaigns, and events fully up and running, but we don’t have enough funding to continue our successful programming. If anybody can help in any way, that would be amazing. There are thousands of different ways to fundraise, especially online. Organize fundraising meetings, and make a schedule with different fundraising opportunities. Organizing grant writing and online fundraising, etc.
  • Social Media Coordinator: Figure out how to increase our following on all our social media pages. Consistently post content. Add more stuff to facebook, instagram, Twitter, and TikTok profiles. Always hashtag and share.
  • Calendar Coordinator: Help make/promote bi-monthly calendar of events by using dates/events from the last calendar and work with the director on outreach for events, workshops, bike rides and campaigns. We also need to print and distribute these calendars on a massive scale. 
  • Press Coordinator: Build relationships with press contacts, maintaining and adding new contacts to our press list. Promote our events, workshops, and exhibits etc. Write articles with pictures.
  • Photo and Video Documentarian: Take pictures and/or video at events and workshops. Capture key moments in our community’s history. Images should be archived and stored on our Flickr and YouTube pages. 
  • Membership Coordinator: Members are fundamental for the ongoing efforts of MoRUS and Time’s Up. Both groups have a membership component and people can become members at our locations or on our websites. This would involve you going to our spaces and helping to come up with systems to create more members through personal contact, sign up sheets, electronic devices, etc. You would also be involved in creating members only events. “Technically” everybody who comes to our events, bike rides or bike co-op should be a member. 


  • Bike Ride Leader: Help lead and coordinate bike rides. Time’s Up organizes dozens of fun community-building bike rides every year, you can either pick an existing ride to help out with/lead, or you can create a new one. 
  • Recycle-a-Bike Coordinator: Find bicycles to recycle, coordinate donations and promotions, pick-ups and deliveries. Using Craigslist/Freecycle, contact building maintenance staff and find out when they clean out bike rooms (we have an all or nothing policy with bike rooms). Eventually all bikes will be delivered to Time’s Up’s Manhattan space.
  • Manhattan Bike Co-op Space Manager: Help to manage the Time’s Up Manhattan location. Opening and setting up for community workshops every Wednesday and Sunday from 5-9. Overseeing inventory and space organization.
Volunteers built this caterpillar.

Short-Term Volunteering

Many of our events (see our online calendar) require extensive yet simple volunteer support in order to be successful. Here are some ways you can help out:

  • Ride marshals (responsible people who go on the ride)
  • Tabling (people to commit an hour or so to be at TIME’S UP! table at an event and pass out literature)
  • Valet bike parking attendant(s)
  • Ride sweeps (responsible people to ride with ride-leader, crowd control, making sure no-one gets too far behind)
  • Maintaining the TIME’S UP! space, through cleaning and organizing the space
  • Helping out with after-parties (set-up, staff, and/or clean-up)
  • Help distribute flyers and calendars. Download and copy the calendar or come by the space during one of our workshops on Tuesday or Thursday from 6:30-8:30pm at our location (626 E 14th St). Distribute them at other events you attend. Carry some tape and calendars and stick them to bikes around your neighborhood. Go to a park, greenway or bridge and hand them out to passing cyclists.
  • Do you have an idea for a new TIME’S UP! ride or event? We’d like to hear it! Email timesup.events@gmail.com with your ideas. We’re also looking for ride leaders, event organizers, etc.
  • Come to a calendar mailing party and help mail out the newest edition of the TIME’S UP! event calendar. Meet some new folks and bring food to share. See our online calendar for monthly mailing party schedule.

Other ways to support TIME’S UP! include becoming a member, making a financial contribution, or making an in-kind donation.

TIME’S UP! is made up 100% by volunteers. If you have any questions or concerns about any of the volunteer positions, whether they’re long or short term, please e-mail timesup.events@gmail.com

Message from Bill DiPaola (Founder)

Time’s Up! would like to thank all of our dedicated volunteers and supporters. It is because of your support that we have been so successful at creating positive, sustainable change both locally and globally. These accomplishments would not have been possible without the huge effort of hundreds of volunteers that have worked with Time’s Up! over the years.

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