Critical Mass

Upcoming Critical Mass Rides:

  • Historical NYC Critical Mass Time-line

    First Critical Mass was in San Francisco in 1992. read more

  • Historical Significance of Critical Mass

    A Brief Primer of Critical Mass in New York City and its Historical Significance The bike ride that changed the whole city. During the 1990’s, bicycling in NYC was extremely dangerous. Bike lanes were a rarity. Cyclists were largely invisible to motor vehicles and they had no voice in policy decisions. The number one complaint… read more

  • What is Critical Mass?

    Critical Mass is an event that began in San Francisco in the early 1990s and has since spread to hundreds of cities around the world. It usually occurs monthly (sometimes weekly). as bicyclists spontaneously come together to ride the ordinarily car-clogged streets of their cities. Critical Mass focuses on the rights of bicyclists and the… read more