Press Releases

  • “Criminality Suspected” Memorial Project

    In 1996, Time’s Up! pioneers the Street Memorial Project, commemorating cyclists and pedestrians killed by motorists. The Street Memorial Project creates silent but powerful memorials to draw attention to pedestrian and cyclist fatalities around the city through actions such as Stencil Memorials, Memorial Bike Rides, and candlelight vigils. In collaboration with Right of Way, Time’s… read more

  • 2012-09-28 The Battle of the Bike Ban

    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE September 10, 2012 Contacts: Keegan Stephen 907.244.6426,                 Benjamin Shepard 917.586.7952, TIME’S UP! JOINS WITH FORMER TRANSPORTATION ALTERNATIVES PRESIDENT CHARLES KOMANOFF TO CELEBRATE THE 1987 BICYCLE UPRISING, 25 YEARS OF BICYCLE ACTIVISM, AND 20 YEARS OF CRITICAL MASS WHAT:  Commemorative bike ride in conjunction with Critical Mass retracing the path… read more

  • 2012-02-15 Ride to City Council Hearing for Murdered Cyclist Mathieu Lefevre

    MEDIA ADVISORY Contacts: Barbara Ross 917.494.8164, Benjamin Shepard 917.586.7952, Keegan Stephan 907.244.6426 Time’s Up! Ride to City Council Hearing for Murdered Cyclist Mathieu Lefevre Call for Safer Streets and NYPD Enforcement of Traffic Laws Mathieu Lefevre Safety and Save a Life Ride to City Council HearingWednesday, February 15, 20128:30am leave from Mathieu’s Street Memorial… read more

  • 2011-09-18 – NYPD Shuts Down Wall Street – Huffington Post

    NYPD Shuts Down Wall Street Huffington Post September 18, 2011 By Simone Weichselbaum Protesters of the Occupy Wall Street: Public Space movement had hoped to take command of Wall Street on September 17, 2011, but the New York Police Department quickly showed them who was in charge, by barricading all entrances to the heart… read more

  • 2011-09-01 – A bridge plan gone too far? – The Villager

    A bridge plan gone too far? Bikers have an idea of their own The Villager September 1, 2011 By Lincoln Anderson The cyclist came flying down the Manhattan-side ramp of the Williamsburg Bridge. A young woman, wearing a halter top and shorts, she zipped through a crosswalk area, then smoothly and assuredly coasted down a… read more

  • 2011-08-09 Bike Ride & Sail Action to Indian Point

    MEDIA ADVISORY For Immediate release Contacts: Benjamin Shepard 917.586.7952,                 Barbara Ross, 917.494.8164 TIME’S UP! JOINS FORCES WITH CLEARWATER FOR BIKE RIDE & SAIL ACTION UP TO INDIAN POINT NUCLEAR POWER PLANT WITH 50FT BANNER: “SHUT DOWN INDIAN POINT NOW” WHAT: “Shut Down Indian Point” Bike Ride & Sail Action from Manhattan to Nuclear… read more

  • 2011-06-06 – World Naked Bike Ride – NYC 2011

    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE PRESS CONTACT: Joseph Sharkey – (408) 506-4948, wnbrnyc@gmail.comPRESS CONTACT: Benjamin Shepard – (917)586-7952 “More Nudes, No Nukes!!!” “More Ass, Less Gas!!” “Love Your Body, Ride Your Bike!” These are just some of the chants you’ll hear as New York City joins cyclists in cities around the globe for the 8th year of… read more

  • 2011-04-08 NYPD Harrassment Campaign Exceeds $3M

    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Press Contact: Barbara Ross – 917.494.8164, Legal Contact: David B. Rankin, 212.226.4507, Gideon Oliver, 646.263.3495   CITY SENDS OUT CHECKS TO CYCLISTS TO PAY OUT $965K CRITICAL MASS LAWSUIT SETTLEMENT  Total taxpayer costs for NYPD harassment campaign against cyclists on Critical Mass exceeds $3 million NEW YORK, NY (April 8, 2011)… read more

  • 2011-01-31 “Token of Love” Tickets

    MEDIA ADVISORY 1/28/2011 Contacts: Barbara Ross – 917.494.8164,                 Ben Shepard – 917.586.7952 TIME’S UP! AWARDS WINTER CYCLISTS WITH “TOKEN OF LOVE” TICKETS TO COUNTER NYPD’S ATTACK ON CYCLISTS NYPD’s selectively enforced ticketing blitz against cyclists fuels animosity and divisiveness at a time when the nation is seeking civility from its leaders “Token of… read more

  • 2011-01-26 Time’s Up! Says Fight the Bike Backlash

    Times Up! Says Fight the Bike Backlash Support Healthier Transportation for Everyone Time’s Up! supports healthy transportation for everyone – pedestrians, cyclists, and cars. This is why we applaud efforts to expand the network of bike lanes throughout New York City’s five boroughs. We already know that bicycles are part of the future of a… read more

  • 2010 12 16 “Love Your Lane” Clowns Serenade Brooklyn BP

    MEDIA ADVISORY Contacts: Benjamin Shepard – 917 586 7952                 Barbara Ross – 917 494 8164, TIME’S UP!’ “LOVE YOUR LANE” BIKE CLOWNS TO SERENADE BROOKLYN BP MARKOWITZ WITH SINGING TELEGRAMS AND “GOLDEN BICYCLE” HOLIDAY GIFT Time’s Up! Gift Giving to Marty MarkowitzThursday, December 16th9:00am: Love Your Lane Bike Clowns gather at Court &… read more

  • 2010-11-29 Statement for Oversight Hearing on Community Gardens

    PRESS RELEASE – FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Press Contacts: Benjamin Shepard 917.586.7952; Susan Howard 917.207.6738; TIME’S UP! STATEMENT FOR OVERSIGHT HEARING ON COMMUNITY GARDENS Any plans for a green NYC, must include passing a law that preserves, supports and creates more community gardens. New York, NY (November 29, 2010) – The mobilization for the community… read more

  • 2010-10-19 City Pays $965,000 to Cyclists Arrested on Critical Mass

    PRESS RELEASE – FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Press Contact: Barbara Ross – 917.494.8164, LEGAL Contacts: David B. Rankin, 212.226.4507, Gideon Oliver, 646.263.3495   CITY PAYS $965,000 TO 83 CYCLISTS WRONGFULLY ARRESTED ON CRITICAL MASS  NYPD’S six-year multi-million-dollar harassment campaign continues despite costs to taxpayers and failures in court NEW YORK, NY (October 19, 2010) –… read more

  • 2010-09-14 Time’s Up! Statement on New Garden Rules

    Press Release FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contacts:  Benjamin Shepard 917.586.7952;                  Susan Howard 917.207.6738 TIME’S UP! STATEMENT ON THE NEW GARDEN RULES  More of Bloomberg’s Green Follies Bloomberg Administration continues assault on green spaces, public spaces and voices. New York, NY (September 14, 2010) – The same week the Parks Department cut down 56 trees… read more

  • 2010-08-10 Public Hearings of Proposed New Rules

    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contacts: Benjamin Shepard – 917.586.7952, Barbara Ross – 917.494.8164 TIME’S UP! JOINS GARDEN ACTIVISTS TO PROTEST PROPOSED NEW RULES AT TODAY’S PUBLIC HEARING Proposed new rules would illegally strip away permanent status of hundreds of community gardens Over 130 community gardens destroyed so far under Bloomberg Administration  New York, NY (August… read more

  • 2010-08-02 Harvest Day Garden Crop Offering

    Event Advisory FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contacts: Benjamin Shepard – 917.586.7952, Barbara Ross – 917.494.8164 GARDEN ACTIVISTS OFFER HOME-GROWN VEGETABLES FROM ENDANGERED COMMUNITY GARDENS TO MAYOR AND CITY COUNCIL Harvest Day offering to draw attention to the City’s new proposed rules that would eliminate the protective status and endanger hundreds of community gardens Time’s Up!… read more

  • 2010-07-28 Paul Revere Garden Ride

    Media Advisory FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contacts: Benjamin Shepard – 917.586.7952 Barbara Ross – 917.494.8164 CITY’S NEW RULES TO ELIMINATE PROTECTIVE STATUS AND ENDANGER HUNDREDS OF COMMUNITY GARDENS Garden activists draw attention to the threat to community gardens by dressing up as Paul Revere and sounding the alarm, “the bulldozers are coming” Time’s Up! Garden Ride… read more

  • 2010-05-15 Time’s Up! Garden Ride & HoeDown

    PRESS ADVISORY: FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contacts: Benjamin Shepard – 917-586-7952                   Elizabeth Michaels – 212-995-8963 Activists celebrate Community Gardens while calling for the city to make all gardens permanent, not subject to ‘transfer’ for redevelopment What: A Ride / Procession / Dance Party to Save the Community Gardens When: Saturday, May 15th Starts: 2:00pm, Tompkins… read more

  • 2010-05-05 NYPD Lying on Official Statements

    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contacts: Media: Barbara Ross, 917-494-8164;                 Legal: Wylie Stecklow, Esq, 212-566-8000 UNEQUAL PUNISHMENT FOR NYPD ROOKIE AND SERGEANT ON CHARGES OF LYING ON OFFICIAL STATEMENTS   Patrick Pogan faces possible jail time while Sergeant Horohoe escapes any criminal charges for falsely claiming cyclists rode their bikes into them NEW YORK, NY (May… read more

  • 2010-03-25 City Pays $98K to CM Cyclists

    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contacts: Barbara Ross, 917-494-8164; Judy Ross 917-405-1544;                 Wylie Stecklow, Esq, 212-566-8000  CITY PAYS $98K TO CRITICAL MASS PARTICIPANTS WRONGFULLY ARRESTED ON MARCH 2007 BICYCLE RIDE Newly released audio revealing NYPD Sergeant’s false testimony against a plainpng is directly contradicted by video evidence. NEW YORK, NY (March 29, 2010) – – The… read more

  • 2009-07-10 $1.5 Million Suit Against NYPD FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contacts:   Barbara Ross 917.494.8164                      Judy Ross 917.405.1544    $1.5 MILLION SUIT IS FILED AGAINST THE NYPD FOR ASSAULT OF CYCLIST BY POLICE OFFICER DURING JULY 2008 CRITICAL MASS     Lawsuit is just one of numerous suits filed against NYPD’s continual violation of cyclists’ constitutional rights and falsification of court documents. The City… read more

  • 2009-05-10 Kelly Allegations Against CM Contradicted

    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contacts:   Barbara Ross 917.494.8164                   Judy Ross 917.405.1544 NYPD COMMISSIONER RAYMOND KELLY’S ALLEGATIONS AGAINST CRITICAL MASS BICYCLE RIDERS ARE DIRECTLY CONTRADICTED BY TESTIMONY OF FELLOW OFFICERS After two years of litigation, the 5 Borough Bicycle Club’s complaint against the NYPD’s attempt to classify group bicycle rides as “parades” is scheduled to… read more

  • 2008-12-16 Officer Pogan Indicted

    IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contacts:  Bill DiPaola 917.577.5621                    Barbara Ross 917.494.8164, OFFICER CAUGHT ON VIDEO KNOCKING CRITICAL MASS CYCLIST OFF BICYCLE IS INDICTED Time’s Up! and civil rights activists demand an immediate end to NYPD’s campaign of harassment toward cyclists New York, NY (December 16, 2008) – NYPD Police Officer Patrick Pogan, who was caught… read more

  • 2008-12-15 Bicycle Clown Defend Kent Street Lane

    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contacts: Benjamin Shepard – 917 586 7952                   Barbara Ross – 917 494 8164, TIME’S UP! BICYCLE CLOWNS DEFEND KENT STREET BIKE LANE AGAINST THREATS FROM MEMBERS OF THE HASIDIC COMMUNITY Cyclists dressed as clowns will theatrically clear vehicles illegally parked in the bike lanes and educate residents about the benefits… read more

  • 2008-10-30 Day of the Dead ride

    MEDIA ADVISORY Contacts:   Barbara Ross 917.494.8164,                   Benjamin Shepard 917 586 7952 CYCLISTS WILL REMEMBER AND CELEBRATE FELLOW CYCLISTS, PAST, PRESENT AND FUTURE, ON “DAY OF DEAD” RIDE Cyclists dressed as skeletons in festive colors and carrying gifts of paper flowers and sugar skulls will visit ghost bikes & hold mini-funerals for cyclists killed… read more

  • 2008-09-05 Charges Dismissed

    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contacts:   Barbara Ross  917.494.8164                     Judy Ross  917.405.1544 ALL CHARGES DROPPED AGAINST CYCLIST BODY SLAMMED BY POLICE OFFICER WHILE RIDING IN CRITICAL MASS Time’s Up! along with the cycling community and the City Council members call for an investigation into the NYPD’s policies toward Critical Mass ride. New York, NY (September 5,… read more

  • 2008-08-29 Aug 2008 CM

    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contacts:   Barbara Ross 917.494.8164                   Judy Ross 917.405.1544 CYCLISTS WILL RIDE PEACEFULLY TOGETHER FOR SAFETY ON FRIDAY’S CRITICAL MASS Critical Mass gains support from the community after release of videos showing NYPD’s harassment of the ride since the 2004 Republic National Convention WHAT: Critical Mass RideWHEN: Friday, August 29, 2008 at… read more

  • 2008-08-26 Police Target Glass Bead Collective

    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contacts:   Vlad Teichberg – 917. 650.2486                     Barbara Ross – 917. 494. 8164 NYC VIDEOGRAPHERS WHO RELEASED VIDEO OF THE NYPD BODY SLAMMING A CYCLIST IN CRITICAL MASS RIDE, ARE TARGETED BY POLICE IN MINNEAPOLIS Minneapolis police illegally detained and seized the electronic gear of videographers in town to cover the Republican… read more

  • 2008-08-04 Call to Investigate NYPD

    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Barbara Ross 917-494-8164                  Judy Ross 917-405-1544  CITY COUNCIL MEMBERS CALL FOR MANHATTAN DISTRICT ATTORNEY TO INVESTIGATE NYPD POLICIES TOWARD CRITICAL MASSInternal Affairs Bureau to investigate false statements made by Sergeant Horohoe during CCRB investigation filed by Critical Mass cyclists NEW YORK, NY (August 4, 2008) – City Council members join… read more

  • 2008-07-29- Assault Not Isolated

    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contacts: Judy Ross – 917.405.1544                     Barbara Ross – 917. 494. 8164    BODY SLAM OF CYCLIST RIDING IN TIMES SQUARE WAS NOT AN ISOLATED INCIDENT Videos show a pattern of excessive force against cyclists by the NYPD   New York, NY (July 29, 2008) – The body slam of cyclist Christopher… read more

  • 2008-07-25 July Critical Mass

    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contacts:    Liane Nikitovich – 646.431.5098                      Bill DiPaola – 917. 577. 5621 VIDEO CAPTURES NYPD OFFICER ASSAULTING BICYCLIST IN TIMES SQUARE ON FRIDAY’S CRITICAL MASS BIKE RIDE. Click here to view witness’ video of NYPD officer assaulting bicyclist on Friday’s Critical Mass NEW YORK, New York (Friday, July 25, 2008) – An… read more

  • 2008-03-26 Still We Speak Rally

    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contacts:    Media: Barbara Ross 917.494.8164                      Legal: Wylie Stecklow 212.566.8000 VIDEO EVIDENCE OF ILLEGAL POLICE ACTION TO BE PRESENTED AT STILL WE SPEAK RALLY Cyclists join forces with community supporters to stop NYPD First Amendment abuses, one year after unconstitutional parade permit rules were enacted WHAT: Still We Speak Rally followed by… read more

  • 2007-12-12 Bike Lane Action

    MEDIA ADVISORY TIME’S UP! BIKE LANE ACTION WILL DRAMATICALLY CALL ATTENTION TO UNSAFE CONDITIONS IN 6TH AVENUE BIKE LANE Action will also commemorate the death of cyclist, David Smith, who was killed while riding on 6th Avenue one week ago. **For further details of 3:30pm action call 917 405 1544 or email New York,… read more

  • 2007-10-26 9th Annual Halloween CM

    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contacts:   Judy Ross – 917.405.1544                     Barbara Ross – 917.494.8164 9th ANNUAL HALLOWEEN CRITICAL MASS RIDES TONIGHT Pressure is mounting on Christine Quinn to oppose the NYPD’s anti-assembly regulations that target Critical Mass and other public events. Friday, October 26, 2007 at 7:00 PM Ride Participants meet at Union Square Park North… read more

  • 2007-10-02 Memorial for Hope Miller

    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE   MEMORIAL TO BE HELD FOR PEDESTRIAN HOPE MILLER, KILLED BY A CAR ON DEADLY HOUSTON STREET After a third death in the Houston Street construction zone, Time’s Up! remembers the lives lost and pushes the City to take action. HOUSTON STREET MEMORIAL AND SPEAK OUT Tuesday, Oct 2nd, 6:30pm at Houston… read more

  • 2007-09-24 20th Anniversary

    MEDIA ADVISORY Contacts: Judy Ross         917.405.1544                Barbara Ross   917.494.8164 EVER-VIGILANT, TIME’S UP! CELEBRATES 20 YEARS OF ENVIRONMENTAL ACTION  Party on 9/28 Applauds Time’s Up!’s Continual Success in Creating Environmental Change Through Fun and Positive Solutions. 8:00 pm Time’s Up! 20th Anniversary FundraiserFriday, September 28, 2007 Time’s Up! Space, 49 East Houston Street, between Mott… read more

  • Time’s Up! 25th Anniversary Timeline

    1987 Time’s Up! Environmental Group is founded in New York City. The group commits to improving the environment by empowering individuals to become active participants in their communities. The first campaign focuses on raising public awareness through a series of highly visible, original Environmental Education Posters that introduce urban people to the connections between everyday… read more

  • Time’s Up! Historical Timeline

    1987 Time’s Up! Environmental Group is founded in New York City. The group commits to improving the environment by empowering individuals to become active participants in their communities.  {anchor anchor=’1987′ text=’More’} 1991 Time’s Up! launches a major campaign to promote non-polluting transportation, focusing on hybrid-electric and electric-pedal-assist technology. {anchor anchor=’1991′ text=’More’} 1992 Time’s Up! supports Modern… read more

  • 2007-07-26 First Amendment Festival

      MEDIA ADVISORY       PHOTOGRAPHERS, PERFORMERS AND CYCLISTS JOIN FORCES TO PROTECT AND CELEBRATE FIRST AMENDMENT FREEDOMS   Festival of First Amendment Held Before Critical Mass Ride     6:30 pm  First Amendment Festival followed by Critical Mass Ride Friday, July 27, 2007 Union Square Park, 17th Street & Park Avenue   New… read more

  • 2007-07-12 Bicycle Clown Brigade

    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE TIME’S UP! BICYCLE CLOWNS CLEAR BIKE LANES OF AUTOMOBILE CONGESTION Clowns give out parking tickets to cars blocking bike lanes and dramatize “Sheldon Silver” throwing away $500 million by refusing to support congestion pricing When: Friday, July 13th, 2007 Where: Ride meets 8:00 am at Madison Square Park, 23rd & Broadway, NW… read more

  • 2007-03-27 NYC Drops Lawsuit

    For Immediate Release March 27, 2007 NYC CONCEDES DEFEAT AND DROPS MAJOR LAWSUIT AGAINST TIME’S UP! Another victory for Time’s Up! and the bicycling community. NEW YORK CITY — The City of New York quietly dropped a major lawsuit against TIME’S UP! after two years of legal browbeating at taxpayers’ expense. In the lawsuit, filed… read more

  • 2004-09-22 Cyclists to Reclaim NYC Streets

    September 22nd, 2004 For Immediate Release Thousands of Peaceful Cyclists to Reclaim New York City Streets Friday Evening in Monthly “Critical Mass” Ride Despite Hundreds of Arrests at August Ride, Bike Riders Continue Time-Honored Tradition NEW YORK (September 22, 2004) – Manhattan’s car-clogged streets will be reclaimed by thousands of cyclists this Friday in the… read more

  • 2005-07-16 Reasonable Demands

    July 16, 2005 VERY REASONABLE DEMANDS REGARDING THE FUTURE OF BICYCLING IN NEW YORK CITY The quality of life in New York City would be greatly enhanced by improving the City’s bicycling infrastructure. The lack of a safe environment for cycling is holding back progress in improving air quality, reducing asthma and obesity rates, and… read more

  • 2005-12-21 Bike the Strike!

    For Immediate Release December 21, 2005 Bike the Strike! TIME’S UP! organizes Bike-Pools for new cyclists to ride to and from work, offers free bike repair and sells inexpensive bicycles to to bike riders NEW YORK CITY — TIME’S UP!, an environmental and bicycle advocacy group says, “Bike the Strike!” To encourage bicycle riders during… read more

  • 2006-01-06 Memorial Ride

    For Immediate Release January 6, 2006 Memorial RideJoin Time’s Up! and a coalition of NYC Cycling Groups as we ride to the various fatality sites, holding mini-memorials for all the victims. NEW YORK CITY — We have many different types of bikers in NYC, and we all ride for different reasons — for the environment,… read more

  • 2006-01-20 Bike Lane Liberation

    For Immediate Release January 20, 2006 Bicycle Clown Brigade clears Manhattan bike lanes to make them safe for cyclistsCyclists dressed like clowns brave the onslaught of Saturday double parkers to defend the lane reserved for bicycles in honor of Bike Lane Liberation day When: Saturday, January 21st at 2pm Where: The ride starts at the… read more

  • 2006-02-15 CM Injunction Fails

    For Immediate Release February 16, 2006 JUDGE DENIES INJUNCTION TO STOP CRITICAL MASS BIKE RIDETIME’S UP! to hold press conference to announce New York Supreme Court Judge Michael D. Stallman’s decision denying New York City’s motion for a preliminary injunction to stop the Critical Mass rides. Press Conference Details When: Thursday, February 16, 2006 at… read more

  • 2006-02-23 End Attack on CM

    For Immediate Release February 23, 2006 TIME’S UP! CALLS ON THE POLICE TO END THEIR DANGEROUS ATTACK ON CRITICAL MASS AND ADHERE TO THE RULING OF THE STATE SUPREME COURTSupreme Court judge denies the city’s request for an injunction to stop Critical Mass bike ride. What: Critical Mass Bike Ride When: Friday, February 24, 2006… read more

  • 2006-04-28 CM Stronger Than Ever

    For Immediate Release April 28, 2006 CRITICAL MASS IS STRONGER THAN EVER, BESIDES NYPD’S FAILED ATTEMPTS TO STOP THE RIDE. Critical Mass Riders continue to come each month despite being subject to over 20 months of false arrests, excessive police enforcement and unfounded police surveillance. 7:00 PM – MANHATTAN CRITICAL MASS RIDE Tonight, Friday, April… read more

  • 2006-12-08 Eric Ng Memorial

    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contacts: Leah Todd (609) 558 – 2677 Judy Ross (917) 405-1544 MEMORIAL RIDE WILL BE HELD SATURDAY FOR CYCLIST KILLED BY DRUNK DRIVER ON ‘CAR-FREE’ WESTSIDE BIKE PATH A Ghost Bike will be placed at the crash site in memory of 22-year-old avid cyclist Eric Ng Saturday, December 9, 20061:00 PM: Cyclists… read more