2008-08-04 Call to Investigate NYPD


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 CITY COUNCIL MEMBERS CALL FOR MANHATTAN DISTRICT ATTORNEY TO INVESTIGATE NYPD POLICIES TOWARD CRITICAL MASSInternal Affairs Bureau to investigate false statements made by Sergeant Horohoe during CCRB investigation filed by Critical Mass cyclists

NEW YORK, NY (August 4, 2008) – City Council members join the chorus of outrage over the NYPD’s continual harassment of Critical Mass cyclists. Earlier today, twelve city council members submitted a jointly signed letter to the Manhattan DA, Robert M Morgenthau, requesting that he drop the charges against Christopher Long and investigate the NYPD policies toward cyclists, specifically during Critical Mass rides. Christopher Long was thrown off his bicycle by police officer Patrick Pogan during the July 25th Critical Mass Ride.

The Internal Affairs Bureau is currently investigating Sergeant Timothy Horohoe for false official statements intentionally made to the Civilian Complaint Review Board (CCRB) during an investigation of the arrests of cyclist and videographer Christian Guttierez, and photographer Jordan Groh while documenting police harassment of cyclists in Time’s Square during the March 2007 Critical Mass ride.The CCRB report also substantiated the charge that Sgt. Timothy Horohoe used physical force when Sgt. Horohoe pushed Richard Vazquez off his bike when Mr. Vazquez rode through Times Square on the March 2007 Critical Mass. The charges of physical force used by Sgt Horohoe are being investigated by the Department Advocate Office.  The statute of limitations on penalizing Horohoe for the acts of March 30, 2007 is September 30, 2008.

“Critical Mass participants have been assaulted by a Lietuenant, a Sergeant  and recently by a Rookie officer.  And each assault has been documented on video.  When officers lie with impunity to cover up their bad conduct, the CCRB says that filing of false information in official documents is not within their jurisdiction.  Simply put, there is no official manner for civilians to hold bad apples accountable for wrongful police conduct and therefore, all civilians and all good police officers suffer”, says Wylie Stecklow, lawyer for the complainants.


Overview of Arrests on 3/30/2007 Critical Mass including cyclist, Vazquez being thrown from his bike (1:30 min)
Detailed evidence showing false statements contained in criminal complaints (14 min)


Richard Vazquez wounds from March 2007
Richard Vazquez wounds from March 2007


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