2007-09-24 20th Anniversary


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Party on 9/28 Applauds Time’s Up!’s Continual Success in Creating Environmental Change Through Fun and Positive Solutions.

8:00 pm
Time’s Up! 20th Anniversary Fundraiser

Friday, September 28, 2007
Time’s Up! Space, 49 East Houston Street, between Mott & Mulberry Streets

New York, NY (September 25, 2007) – In 1987, the “Garbage Barge” was drifting along the coast of North America looking for a place to dock, while the big movie catch phrase was “Greed is Good.” It was that same year that a group of New Yorkers committed to grassroots activism, founded Time’s Up! as an all-volunteer, environmental organization that uses an effective combination of fun, educational outreach and direct action to promote a greener, more sustainable New York.

Over the years, Time’s Up! has empowered individuals to become eco-smart participants in their community. Time’s Up! has offered thousands of free events such as community garden cleanups, bike repair classes, and fun and uniquely themed bike rides throughout the city. Time’s Up!’s numerous campaigns have included defending cyclists’ rights, increasing access to the waterfront, fostering the pedicab industry and saving community gardens.

Twenty years later, in 2007, environmental awareness and non-polluting transportation are at an all-time-high and increasing every day. Never veering from their philosophy that being green can be fun and effective, Time’s Up! remains at the forefront of creating environmental change through positive solutions.

To celebrate its first 20 years of historical accomplishments, Time’s Up! will host a fund-raiser at 49 East Houston St. The all-night celebration will include music by Japanther, DJ Suggested D, Team Spider and visuals by SeeJ.  In keeping with the group’s democratic spirit, tax-deductible donations will be accepted on a sliding scale from $10 to $1,000.

**For Time’s Up! 20-Year Historical Timeline from 1987 – 2007 click here

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