2006-01-06 Memorial Ride

For Immediate Release
January 6, 2006

Memorial Ride
Join Time’s Up! and a coalition of NYC Cycling Groups as we ride to the various fatality sites, holding mini-memorials for all the victims.

NEW YORK CITY — We have many different types of bikers in NYC, and we all ride for different reasons — for the environment, for fun, for transportation, for exercise, for work — But this Sunday we will come together as a united community and ride to remember and honor all 21 bikers who died on the city’s streets in 2005.

We ride to HONOR those who have been injured or killed.
We ride to RAISE AWARENESS that we are here.
We ride to ask that we all SHARE THE ROAD.

In the US, cars kill more children and young adults than anything else.
10 cyclists per day are reported hit and injured by cars in NYC.
In NYC, on average one cyclist is killed every three weeks.
In NYC, on average sixteen cyclists are killed every year.

New York has no stated safety improvement goal.

Because New York City and the NYPD have no public database of accident sites, we do not have a record of all the cyclists killed…8 remain Unnamed. The rides will travel throughout the 4 outerboroughs, holding memorials for all the known victims, hooking up together along the way until all the groups come together in Manhattan (see timeline below for exact times and locations for all the various memorials) and will end in memorial for the 8 Unnamed Bikers at the Time’s Up! Space (49 East Houston…between Mott & Mulberry).

Please join us…Bring Flowers & Candles.

Bring your camera to document any undercover or police harassment of this peaceful memorial ride.



TIME’S UP! is a non-profit environmental group that has used educational outreach and direct action for the last 15 years to promote a more sustainable, less toxic city.

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