2007 Letter – Year in Review

December 4, 2007

Dear Friend,

2007 was the year that caring about the environment and going local for sustainability’s sake became mainstream.  The media covered it from all angles, including the critical issue of climate change. Even Hollywood stepped up and Al Gore won an Oscar and an Emmy to go with his Nobel Prize. 

Here in New York, nonpolluting transportation and environmental awareness are continuously on the rise.  Mayor Bloomberg launched PLANYC 2030 and put congestion pricing on the table.  The city is planning to implement 200 miles of bike lanes in the coming year, and recently launched a serious campaign for bicycle safety.  While we know that cycling in New York City is not easy, TIME’S UP! and all of our members and supporters can be proud of the role we’ve played in getting the city to respect  nonpolluting transportation and create infrastructure to support its future. 

In 2007, TIME’S UP! celebrated its 20-year anniversary as an environmental organization.  Throughout that time, we have been educating people about toxic emissions and greenhouse gases.  TIMES UP! has from the start supported non-polluting transportation, from hybrid vehicles and pedicabs to hundreds of group bike rides which encourage new riders.  We have also been defending  first amendment rights, and  community gardens throughout the city.  Our style of direct action – combining fun with education – has helped thousands take part in pushing the envelope, which has contributed directly to the changes we’re now seeing take shape in this city.  Lasting change does not come easy however, and we need your continued support to keep up the momentum. 

For nearly three years, TIME’S UP! has been based in a donated space on Houston Street, allowing us to expand programs and offer free workshops, educational events and movies to the community.  Thanks to volunteer mechanics and coordinators, we’ve held over 100 workshops each year.  Several days a week we provide vital services to the community including bicycle repair workshops and low-cost, recycled parts,  educational free movie screenings and seminars and an ongoing info kiosk as well as a popular meeting center for all visitors, our volunteer committees and their many projects.

The TIME’S UP! Space at 49 East Houston has been a real home to us, and one of the most important venues for green culture in the city.  The owner of the building recently had to sell it however, and we will have to move out by February.  We are actively looking for a new space that would allow us to continue providing a venue for grassroots activism and environmental education in New York. 

TIME’S UP! needs your support now more than ever, to continue our work in a new space.  We run on a shoestring budget, thanks to the tireless efforts of a core crew of over a hundred dedicated volunteers.  This 100% volunteer-run model allows us to keep our expenses to a minimum while maximizing results.  While we anticipate higher costs with a new space, our model will not change, and your support will continue to improve our environment with little to no overhead.

We hope you’ll join TIME’S UP! in 2008 as we move into a new space and continue expanding rides, campaigns, and educational activities.  Together, we are building a more peaceful, sustainable world, starting in our city.


Bill Di Paola
Executive Director

PS: Remember TIME’S UP! merchandise for your holiday purchases!  Go to the Store for more information, or drop by our space at 49 E. Houston Street evenings and weekends to make a purchase in person, meet our volunteers and share your thoughts for the coming year.

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