2008 Letter – Year in Review

December 4, 2008

Dear Friend,

Thanks to your continued support, environmental awareness and nonpolluting transportation are on the rise in New York City and across the country. Despite the economic crisis, there is a lot to look forward to in the New Year. Change is no longer a bad word, and people have never been more concerned about the environment, climate change and social issues. TIME’S UP! has been working to address these issues on the community level in New York City for over twenty years. We hope you’ll continue to support us in the year ahead.

The changes in Washington will usher in an era of real seriousness about environmental sustainability, alternative energy use and production, alternative mobility, and civil liberties. Here in New York, nonpolluting transportation and environmental awareness are continuously on the rise. The Commissioner of Transportation has put bicycling on the map, and bike lanes on the street. Biking is up 35 percent just since 2007, according to the DOT. But change doesn’t happen on its own; it takes concerned individuals and grassroots groups like TIMES UP, and now our work is more effective than ever. Our style of direct action – combining fun with education – has helped thousands to contribute to the beneficial changes we’re seeing. Lasting change will be realized through your continued support in keeping up the momentum.

We hope you’ve had a chance to see the ‘zine put together by TIME’S UP! volunteers regarding Mayor Bloomberg’s PlanNYC 2030, which outlines our vision for a forward-looking, bike-friendly city. We can and should implement many of these climate-sparing practicalities now. We don’t need to wait for 2030. If you’ve joined us for a group ride or an event, you know what we mean.

TIME’S UP! lost its long-time space on Houston Street earlier this year. Thanks to our current host, the arts and activism organization ABC No Rio, we’ve been able to continue our popular educational workshops, including free bike repair classes. We are actively looking for a new space that would allow us to continue our campaigns and expand our environmental education activities.

TIME’S UP! needs your support now more than ever. We operate on a shoestring budget and the tireless efforts of a crew of over a hundred dedicated volunteers. This 100% volunteer-run model allows us to keep our expenses to a minimum while maximizing results. Any contribution of money, materials or time will be put to good use!

We hope you’ll join TIME’S UP! during the coming year as we continue to expand the number of rides, campaigns, educational activities and workshops that we offer. Together, we are building a more peaceful, sustainable world – starting in our city.


Bill Di Paola
Executive Director

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