2013 Letter – Year in Review

December 2013

Dear Friend,

New York City may be turning into the place we always dreamed it could be. As a new mayor prepares to take the reins of the City, this is a critical time for our future—will we be able to hold on to all the sustainable gains we’ve worked so hard to put in place?

Time’s Up played a key role in, and continues to work to build a city that we now enjoy. From the greenways that wrap around New York and the lush connecting parks and community gardens, to the nearly 200 miles of continuous bike lanes, and auto-free streets, pedestrian plazas, it’s clear that Time’s Up’s successes are helping play a central role in the urban redesign of our city.

When visitors come to the city, one of the first things they do is hop in a pedi-cab or bicycle to enjoy our parks, gardens and new greenways. Many end up in a lounge chair right in the middle of the new automobile-free Times Square. It seems only yesterday that Time’s Up volunteers started the pedi-cab program, and that thousands of people on the monthly Critical Mass ride held their bikes up over their heads in the middle of Times Square demanding auto-free zones and safer infrastructure on the streets. After the years of work we invested in securing these gains, we don’t want to backpedal, so we need to keep working to move the city in a more sustainable direction.

Unlike many organizations, we put your tax-deductible donations directly to work supporting our campaigns, educational workshops, and rides. We continue to be all volunteer-run, with little overhead and no salaries. We ask you to continue to be part of our work by making a year-end contribution to Time’s Up!

We’ve been here for 27 years, and with your support, we’ll be here for as many more. We can’t do it
without you! This year our 16th annual New Year’s Eve bike ride and after-party will focus on climate change. We are asking everybody involved to make a New Year’s Eve resolution to reduce their global footprint and pledge to be more sustainable in their everyday purchases and actions. Please join us!

Thanks again for all your support over the years. Have a happy holiday and a wonderful New Year.


Bill Di Paola
Executive Director, TIME’S UP

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