2014 Letter – Year in Review

December 2014

Dear Friend,

Several weeks ago nearly half a million people filled the streets of Manhattan for the Peoples Climate March. This record outpouring of unity focused on the environment and was seen around the world. Time’s Up was in the midst of the actions that day, just as we’ve been throughout all the boroughs of New York for nearly three decades.

This year marks the 10-year anniversary of our bike repair classes and workshops, held several times a week on both sides of the Williamsburg Bridge. These workshops are popular, particularly with new riders who feel empowered with what they’ve learned, and the community they’re joining. Our educational activities also have lasting significance—Times Up’s moonlight ride just had its 20th anniversary. In the early days, when we started the rides, many viewed the City’s parks, including Central Park, as dangerous places. This event played a valuable role in exposing people to nature, and making them feel safe riding their bikes in an auto-free environment. In turn, this helped inspire confidence for their everyday commutes to and from work.

Our efforts in Central Park were so successful that we branched out to working toward a more sustainable park-supported infrastructure. Today, greenways wrap around the City; everywhere you look you see bike lanes, auto-free plazas, bridge access, and a newfound spirit of appreciation for sustainable urban design. New York City continues to adopt several grassroots programs that Time’s Up helped implement over the years. The City is continuously getting greener.

With your financial support we can keep the pressure on – and keep developing new, fun events that continue to push the envelope. All of these long-term projects, many of which you have been a part of, are making our City a healthier and more sustainable place.

Unlike many organizations, we put your tax-deductible donations directly to work supporting our campaigns, educational workshops, and rides. We are all volunteer-run, with little overhead and no salaries. We ask you to continue to be part of our work by making a year-end contribution to Time’s Up!

We’ve been here for 28 years, and with your support, we’ll be here for as many more. We can’t do it without you!

This year our 17th annual New Year’s Eve bike ride and after-party will focus on climate change. We are asking everybody to make a New Year’s Eve resolution to reduce their global footprint and pledge to be more sustainable in their everyday purchases and actions. Please join us!

Thanks again for all your support over the years. Have a happy holiday and a wonderful New Year.


Bill Di Paola
Executive Director

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