2016 Letter – Year in Review

December 2016

Dear Friend,

In 2017, Time’s Up! turns 30. A huge thank you for your long-term support, which has made it possible for us to make positive, sustainable change for so long.

Some of our actions and campaigns have now created long-term positive changes. One of the first campaigns that we teamed up on was alerting people of the damages of CFC gases that were destroying our ozone layer.  Thanks to grassroots awareness campaigns like ours and new legislation phasing out ozone destroying chemicals, the ozone layer is now repairing itself, and is expected to be fully repaired by 2050.

Our early efforts to increase biking have paid off for the entire city and beyond. The increase in biking has led to more bike lanes, which have led to auto-free plazas, and in turn led to connecting greenways that wrap around the whole city. Our bridge infrastructure is now safe and open for riders and walkers 24 hours a day. This new way of thinking about sustainable urban design is spreading across cities up and down the East Coast.

As we’ve seen over the past few weeks, the new administration is full of climate change deniers. This seriously threatens the environmental protections in this country, and can really set us back with devastating consequences. Given we’ve been around for 30 years, Time’s Up is no stranger to hostile environmental administrations. But we’ve had incredible success using grassroots efforts to make sustainable change even when the administration wasn’t friendly.

At this critical moment, Time’s Up needs your support to keep our grassroots efforts alive and flourishing.  Our weekly bike repair workshops, garden greenups, and community building bike rides will continue to encourage new people to plug in – and to give us all some hope. Together, we can do it.  

All donations are 100% tax deductible by New York State Law. Thanks for your continued support, and all the best for the new year!


Bill Di Paola
Executive Director

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