2018 Letter – Year in Review

December, 2018

Dear Friend,

Thanks to your continued support, Time’s Up environmental organization continues to make positive, sustainable change despite an increasingly negative and divisive climate. Our everyday actions, events and campaigns have inspired people into a sustainable grassroots revolution. We are experts at making change from the grassroots level. We’re doing it everyday with dozens of campaigns!

This year we’re happy to announce that Central Park and Prospect Park will be finally auto-free. Time’s Up has been working on this campaign for over twenty years so we’re thrilled that it finally happened. Thank you for your support on this. This will surely lead to other parks being auto-free. Another one of our long-term campaigns was banning styrofoam in New York City. That ban will go into effect on January 1, 2019. In 2018, we organized 60 confidence building group bike rides, 95 hands-on workshops, 42 educational classes and 31 community garden green-ups. We’ve even managed to plant over 100 trees this year!

We hope, with your support, to continue our sustainable revolution in 2019! We invite you to be part of our Future Positive New Year’s Eve party, you can RSVP and buy your ticket at the following link, (https://www.facebook.com/events/266324983949207/). Time’s Up is celebrating its 30th anniversary with one of our partners, the Museum of Reclaimed Urban Space, which is celebrating its 5th anniversary. Please join us for these two milestones!

The new presidential administration has rolled back many positive strides made on a federal level to protect the environment. We cannot let the interests of multinational corporations and the greedy one percent destroy Planet Earth. Time’s Up is no stranger to administrations that are hostile to the environment. And we’ve had incredible success using grassroots efforts to make sustainable change, even when the administration wasn’t friendly. In fact, some of our grassroots efforts have really caught on and changed the infrastructure of entire cities. And this new urban design is a positive solution to the climate crisis.

A donation to Time’s Up! will help us continue our much needed educational and outreach efforts. We can make New York City a model of sustainability for other cities and towns across the nation to follow. Please donate today so that Time’s Up! can continue its unique grassroots events and campaigns. You can donate here: http://www.times-up.org/membership-support. The planet needs us! Thanks again for your support. Happy Holidays!

Bill Di Paola

Founder, TIME’S UP!

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