2010 Letter – Year in Review

December 6, 2010

Dear Friend,

Nonpolluting transportation and environmental awareness are continuously on the rise. Over the past four years, New York City has installed over 250 miles of bike lanes and ridership has increased by more than 25%. TIME’S UP! and all of our members and supporters can be proud of the role we have played in making these changes possible. We hope that you will support our ongoing, effective work for the environment by making a year-end contribution to TIME’S UP! We can’t do it without you!

TIME’S UP! has seen considerable success on the policy front and on the streets this past year. Thanks to volunteer mechanics and coordinators, Time’s Up is now running community classes and bike repair workshops five nights a week, on both sides of the Williamsburg Bridge. This bridge sees the most new cyclists in New York, and by offering services in both Brooklyn and the Lower East Side, we’ve been able to expand to new communities. We have also just begun working with Green Map System, Recycle A Bicycle, Asian Americans for Equality and the Good Old Lower East Side, among other advocacy and neighborhood groups, to create the Lower East Side and Chinatown Bike Coalition. We’re excited about working together to increase ridership, especially among youth.

Unfortunately, we will be losing our space at ABC No Rio in the Lower East Side at some point in the spring of 2011. The building is going to be rebuilt, so we will need to find a new home in the neighborhood. Our goal is to find a permanent space that can act as an ongoing meeting center for our volunteers, for educational events, repair workshops and other projects. We will need your support to do it – please do give as generously as you can, and let us know of any leads you might have.

You may have noticed that Times Up received a lot of press around the issue of saving community gardens over the past year. Time’s Up has always worked on saving, creating, restoring and promoting community gardens and public space. The agreement which Times Up helped secure several years ago to protect the gardens was about to expire in September. We joined garden groups in rallying the community in August, drawing attention to the process of setting new rules, which was being conducted behind closed doors. With greater public attention, the legislation has been strengthened to help protect and save the gardens in the future.

Please support TIME‘S UP! with a year-end donation. With your help we will continue to create changes we can see in our city. Join us in 2011 on rides, campaigns, and educational activities. Together, we are building a more peaceful, sustainable world, starting here.


Bill Di Paola
Executive Director

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