“Token of Love” Ticketing

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On January 31, 2011, members of Time’s Up!, dressed in Valentine’s red and as officers of the New York Peace Department (N.Y.P.D.), gathered on the Williamsburg and Manhattan Bridges to give cyclists “Token Tickets of Love” for braving both the weather and antagonistic conditions to ride their bikes to and from work. While the NYPD gave out over 1,400 tickets to cyclists over the first two weeks of January alone, Times Up! believes the City should be thanking cyclists for riding their bikes which benefits the economy, environment and community.

The “Tickets of Love” are part of the Times Up! Love Your Lane Campaign designed to bring unity back into the community, leading up to the Valentine’s Love Your Lane ride and after-party on Friday, 2/11 (more information below).
Video of appreciative cyclists handed tickets of love & chocolate

Photos of the 1/31/2011 event, including the bike love ticket

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