Shut Down Indian Point Action

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In 2021, Time’s Up! Celebrates the Permanent Closure of the Indian Point Nuclear Power Plant.

After an over 20 years campaign, Indian Point Nuclear Power Plant permanently shut down on April 30, 2021. Paul Galley, president of the environmental group Riverkeeper described the importance of closing the plant: “there are 20 million people living with 50 miles of Indian Point and there is no way to evacuate them in case of radiological release. And the risk of that is quite real.” Along with Riverkeeper, Time’s Up collaborated with Clearwater and numerous volunteer community members to campaign for the plant closing.

Check out the video capturing their journey via bicycle, train & boat

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On Tuesday, August 9, 2011, Time’s Up!, New York City’s Direct Action Environmental Group, executed a three part action to shut down Indian Point Nuclear Power Plant from the streets of New York to the plant itself, which is located just 35 miles north on the Hudson.

Dressed in white hazmat suits with anti-nuclear slogans painted on their fronts and backs, Time’s Up! activists rode their bikes from the Lower East Side to Grand Central Station.  With fliers and bull horns, they alerted people on the streets of Midtown Manhattan to the fact that there is a dangerous nuclear plant just 35 miles away and no evacuation plan in place.  When they arrived at Grand Central, there was a heavy police presence waiting for them.  One officer informed them that they would be arrested if they unfurled their banners inside Grand Central.  Fearing an early end to their action, the Time’s Up! activists took their banners outside and held them in front of Grand Central instead, accompanied by at least 15 uniformed and plain-clothed police officers.  The MTA officers took the train all the way north to Peekskill with them, where they resumed their action.

When they arrived in Peekskill, they continued their bike ride, announcing the dangers of Indian Point Nuclear Power plant: it has three times as much spent fuel as Fukushima Daiichi did, it sits on a fault line, there is no evacuation plan in place for New York City, and it was recently deemed the most susceptible reactor in the country to an earthquake. And all of this for only 4-6% of NYC’s energy at any moment.

They road right passed the main entrance of the Indian Power Nuclear Power plant, and ended at the dock to board Pete Seeger’s famous Clearwater Sloop.  The crew of the Clearwater strung two 50-foot banners in their sails, and sailed up the Hudson to the plant itself. Once in front of the plant, with the banners flapping in the wind, Time’s Up! held a teach-in with other anti-nuclear groups and took a moment of silence to do a die-in on the deck for the lives lost in Fukushima and the lives in jeopardy because of Indian Point.

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