Custom Sustainable Outdoor Tours

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All custom tours are run through our partner, the Museum of Reclaimed Urban Space (MoRUS) which is at 155 Ave C, New York City. Time’s Up! Environmental Organization has been creating sustainable environmental change for over 35 years. On these customer tours you will walk through the physical locations in the East Village where through a series of events, activist communities formed a new sustainable way of living. Recycling, composting, water recovery, produce growing, medicinal herbs – all of this came from the establishment of community gardens. You will learn how many community members and activists used group bicycle rides to encourage the growth of cycling which eventually put pressure on the New York City government to put in place the sustainable urban design we have today. All tours start at the Museum of Reclaimed Urban Space Museum and are led by Time’s Up!’s director who is a lifetime environmental activist and is the founder of both Time’s Up and MoRUS. You can email him personally at or call him at 917-577-5621. Each custom tour can be changed to meet your needs. Price varies by the size of the tour group and specific requests.

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