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Time’s Up! leads the coordination of Bike Summer, a month-long celebration of bike culture in NYCConsisting of more than 100 well-attended events from June to July, Bike Summer marks the first major collaboration among the city’s numerous bike groups, contributing to an increased number of commuter cyclists and galvanizes an identity for the bicycle community that still exists today. Following its success, Bike Week, an annual event co-sponsored by NYC DOT, expands to New York City Bike Month.

BikeSummer 2003 took place in New York City. It was organized by TIME’S UP! and many other groups, local and otherwise, worked to make it a smashing success.

Some video documentation of the events from that year: short, and long versions.

BikeSummer 2003 in NYC.
A pedicab gets into the spirit of BikeSummer.

BikeSummer 2002 in Portland

The 2002 BikeSummer in Portland, Oregon, brought people together to celebrate bike culture and cycle toward Biketopia.

The TIME’S UP! Multi-Media Bik-tivism Travelin’ Roadshow was presented on Friday, August 30, at 9:00 p.m. (following Critical Mass) in Portland. The two-hour event included:

  • presentations/discussions
  • audience participation
  • slides/photos/artwork/discussion
  • outside event (a stencil action?)
  • Portland-style Burning (Ped)Man?
  • reception
BikeSummer 2002 banner at Chunkathalon. Photo by Mike Smith.
Portland’s BikeSummer 2002 banner made it to NYC for BikeSummer 2003.

BikeSummer 1999 in San Francisco

In 1999, TIMES UP! brought our New York style of activism to San Francisco with a full night of multimedia presentations, discussing strategies for implementing Critical Mass-type events in a hostile environment such as New York, and showed video footage of TIMES UP! activist events. Some of presentations included:

  • a Reclaim the Streets photography show;
  • the Pedestrian Uprising photography show, by Peter Meitzler;
  • a discussion of the stencil memorial ride, the New York Critical Mass, and Reclaim the Street activities;
  • a discussion of the Green Apple Map and the global Green Map System by director Wendy Brawer (green maps for San Francisco and Berkeley have been completed). Check out their web site ( for more information on this interesting project;
  • a video of our work on bike activist issues in New York City, including the Critical Mass, stencil ride, and community gardens.

At the end of the presentation, TIMES UP! went out onto the streets, and along with the many attendees of BikeSummer, did a memorial to slain cyclist Casey Moe.

Casey Moe stencil. Photo by Jym Dyer.

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