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    my new news item

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  • Legal Newswire

    Stay up to date on legal news in the TIME’S UP! press center. UPDATE 02/14/2006: Legal Document: Judge Stallman’s Ruling. (PDF Format) New York State Judge Michael D. Stallman rendered his decision on The City of New York vs. TIME’S UP! The judge rejected the City’s request for injunctions to prevent TIME’S UP!, certain TIME’S… read more

  • Brooklyn Critical Mass

    Critical Mass is a monthly celebration of bicycles and other nonpolluting means of transportation, exercising our right to the road. Critical Mass is a movement, not an organization; no two riders participate for exactly the same reason. Brooklyn Critical Mass started rolling in 2004. Second Friday of every month, 7:00 p.m., meeting at Grand Army… read more

  • 25th Anniversary Party

    Time’s Up! is 25 Years Old! We have empowered over 20,000 people with our 5 night/week free bicycle repair workshops, helped save community gardens throughout New York City, defended public space and the right to peaceably gather far and wide, and fought for sustainable, green infrastructure on the city’s streets. Come celebrate with us!  … read more

  • Riverside Ride

    Join us on bicycles or skates at 10 p.m. on the last Saturday of every month at the Columbus Circle (59th Street) entrance to Central Park for a totally safe, magical, evening ride in Manhattan. From Columbus Circle we head west and then noodle our way north, exploring Riverside Park’s bicycle-friendly pedpaths. Nearing the northernmost… read more

  • Old Croton Aqueduct Ride

      Bike on the path of New York City’s first aqueduct as we explore where the city’s water comes from. Twenty-eight miles to the New Croton Dam. Return by Metro North train or bike back on South County Trail. Questions about the Old Croton Aqueduct Ride to Clearwater Revival HOW DO I GET TO THE… read more

  • Earth Day Ride

      EARTH DAY DANCE RIDE    Monday, April 22, 2013 7pm BIKE RIDE at Tompkins Square Park Gaia Tree Out Annual Earth Day Ride is one of our most successful rides every year, because we consistently stick true to the themes of earth day and never sell out. While corporate green washing will about this earth day, ditch… read more

  • Dance Ride

    Times Up has always combined music to fuel the revolution. Over the years our sound bikes and marching bands have helped to reclaim open spaces for the public and create more community gardens as well as, auto free plazas in the streets. We dance in the street, in our community spaces and parks. All different… read more

  • Paris December 2015

    Paris December 2015

    Flickr photos from the album Paris 2015 by Time’s Up! Environmental Organization Paris climate change Street March December 2015 Amazing square inflatable balls that delighted the marchers Paris climate change March The enormous red line moving around Paris climate change March Redline Paris climate change much Redline Paris climate change March Polar bears Applanet Paris… read more

  • Times Up highlights

    Times Up highlights

    Flickr photos from the album Pictures for the Time’s Up website by Time’s Up! Environmental Organization March Against Monsanto 2015Water Recovery SystemClearwater environmental music festival is one of the largest environmental educational music festivals nyIMG_20140720_144927Science Adventure school kids visit times up and learn basic bicycles safety & repairs and environmental tips20140921_133432IMG_011720130523_091128DSC03420EnergyBikes6_PMEnergyBikes2_David_ShankboneTime’s Up! Occupy Fountains RideTime’s… read more



    Halloween Critical Mass Friday, October 31, 7pm @ Union Square North   Grab a bike, and your scariest costume, and get ready to ride through the streets screaming on the Halloween Critical Mass! Become the positive and “spooky” celebration of what our streets do look like with non-polluting sustainable transportation and community. read more

  • 2013-07-02 – Wheel Nice Generosity – Daily News

    Wheel Nice Generosity Daily News July 2, 2013 By Simone Weichselbaum read more

  • 2013-06-06 – Nude Bikers Who Dare to Be Bare – New York Daily News

    Nude Bikers Who Dare to Be Bare Will Hit the Streets on Saturday New York Daily News June 6, 2013 By Mark Morales… Lady Godiva is trading in her horse for wheels. Hordes of nude bikers will strip down and cycle all over Brooklyn and Manhattan as part of the World Naked Bike Ride… read more

  • 2013-05-15 – Children’s Magical Garden Feud With Developed is Rekindled – The Lo-Down

    Children’s Magical Garden Feud With Developed is Rekindled The Lo-Down May 15, 2013 By Traven Rice… We are on the scene at the Children’s Magical Garden at Stanton and Norfolk where a long standing dispute has been rekindled between the community and developer Serge Hoyda. Hoyda has planned to develop a portion of this… read more

  • 2013-05-15- Despite Volunteer Efforts, Beach Still Won’t Open – Gothamist

    Despite Volunteer Clean Up Efforts, Fort Tilden Beach Still Won’t Open This Summer Gothamist May 15, 2013 By Lauren Evans Look, no one is happy about Fort Tilden closing after that violent strumpet Sandy came in and flung rebar all over the shore, upsetting thousands of sunbathers who can’t afford a private seaplane to… read more

  • Criminality Suspected Ride

    PHOTOS of 3/15/2013 Time’s Up! Criminality Suspected Ride & Street Memorial Stencils VIDEO of Time’s Up! Criminality Suspected Ride with a clip of spray painting stencils On Friday, March 15, 2013, Time’s Up! cyclists toured a series of eight newly-painted street memorials of pedestrians and cyclists who were killed by automobiles in the past year… read more

  • People’s Environmental Tour of the South Bronx

    Now in its fifteen successful year, this innovative event is an example of a sustained partnership between Time’s Up! and Friends of Brook Park of the South Bronx. This is really a trip on the wild side for a unique view of what is world-renowned as the “South Bronx.” A leisurely tour that includes beautiful… read more

  • Bike Lane Liberation Ride

    Tired of cars and trucks clowning around and blocking the bike lanes?  Come join the Bike Clown Brigade, made up of cyclists dressed like clowns, as they ride through the Manhattan bike lanes searching out motor vehicles illegally parked in their lanes and reminding drivers how dangerous, sometimes deadly, cars & trucks in the bike… read more

  • Doggie Pedal Parade

    September 30, 2012 2:00 pm – Bike Ride, Washington Square Park, under the Arch 3:00 pm – After Party & Adoption Event, Washington Square Park, near the dog run All are welcome, you don’t need a pet to attend! Bring your dog and bicycle to the 5th annual Time’s Up! Doggie Pedal Parade! We will ride our… read more

  • Critical Mass

    Critical Mass

    The last Friday of the month, every month, 7:00 p.m. …starting at Union Square North (and several other locations, apparently). Come along for the ride! The bike ride that helped change the whole city. In New York City during the 1990’s, bicycling was extremely dangerous. The number one complaint of cyclists was always safety. Group… read more

  • Moonlight Ride – Prospect Park

    Join us as we discover Prospect Park at night. Prospect Park is a 526-acre urban oasis located in the heart of Brooklyn. The Prospect Park Moonlight Ride is opened to bikers and skilled skaters.Meet at 9 p.m., Grand Army Plaza, on the second Saturday of the month, every month. This is a safe, peaceful ride that visits… read more

  • Know Your Rights Ride & First Amendment Marathon

    News Date: Sunday, June 28, 2009 – 8:52am read more

  • 2013-05-04 – Downtown Sustainability Hub – Ideas City

    Downtown Sustainability Hub Ideas City May 4, 2013 There are two untapped resources that could be more efficiently used in creating a sustainable NYC: vacant buildings and grassroots networks. According to Scott Stringer’s report on vacant buildings, there are more than two thousand vacant units in Manhattan alone. Every one of these could be… read more

  • Green Apple Ride

    In 1992 Time’s Up! supports the creation of the first Green Apple Map, pinpointing 145 local sites in New York City that have environmental impact and sparking a local-global movement. The non-profit Green Map System fostered the creation of locally led Green Map projects in over 400 cities in 50 countries. As of 2007, more than… read more

  • Moonlight Ride – Central Park

    Going strong since 1994! It was very dangerous to ride in the streets of New York City so Time’s Up turned to Central Park as a safe auto-free location to build biker confidence. The Central Park Moonlight Ride offers cyclists a safe, fun way to explore the park at night.  A great draw for tourists,… read more

  • Peace Ride

    PEACE RIDE A leisurely peaceful ride to some of downtown Manhattan’s peace sites. Meet at Gandhi Statue, SW corner of Union Square (across from Staples) at 2:00 PM Join us for a leisurely, peaceful ride to some of downtown Manhattan’s peace sites, including: Tibet House, Anthroposophical Society, Former residence of John Lennon and Yoko Ono, Point Thank… read more

  • Lights in the Heights Ride

    Join us for a fun and leisurely ride to see the “miracle mile” of Christmas Lights and decorations in Dyker Heights, Brooklyn. The spectacular displays draw 150,000 visitors a year who come from as far away as Japan. So come prepared with bicycle bells ringing to the tune of Jingle Bells. Approx. 25 miles round… read more

  • Ides (Pies) of March Ride 2011

    Time’s Up! Annual Ides (Pies) of March 2011 Time’s Up! Annual Pies of March ride, 3/19/2011, featured an effigy of Marty Markowitz driving the “SUV of Shame,” a tricycle converted into an SUV with faces posted in the windows showing Marty’s passengers – the influential sitting and ex-politician who care more about the availability of parking… read more

  • Ides (Pies) of March Ride 2009

    Photos & Video from Times Up! Pies of March Ride 2009 Click here to see amazing PHOTOS of the 2009 by Adrian Kinloch Click here to watch this fantastic VIDEO of the 2009 ride   March 2009 the Time’s Up! Bicycle Clown Brigade went out once again to liberate the new bike lanes throughout downtown Manhattan. The… read more

  • Folds Up! Folding Bike Ride and Festival

    THE RIDE WHAT:  A leisurely 10-mile ride through Manhattan and Brooklyn showcasing folding bicycles. (But all types of bikes are welcome, as long as their riders are folding-curious!) WHERE:  Start location: West 23rd Street on the Hudson River Greenway, Manhattan. End location: Stuyvesant Cove Park, East 23rd Street at the East River, Manhattan. WHEN:  2… read more

  • First Friday Ride

    FIRST FRIDAY RIDE Celebrate non-polluting transportation with a semi-spontaneous, monthly mass ride creating fun, safe and sane streets. First Friday Ride is a monthly celebration of pollution-free transportation as a way to create safer streets for human beings! A fun and inclusive group bicycle ride through the streets of New York City at a leisurely… read more

  • Dumpster Ride

    An evening of riding and dumpster diving. Bring a flashlight and bags or a trailer to carry food and assorted other booty from Soho’s most generous dumpsters. On this ride, we will be doing two of our favorite things: riding our bicycles and getting free food. Bring a trailer (if you have one), small flashlight,… read more

  • Coney Island Cyclone Ride

    The Cyclone Ride goes to Coney Island Amusement Park (Brooklyn) from Manhattan. In July and August, we should get there just in time for fireworks! This is a casual ride at a relaxed pace. Bring locks as we plan to lock up and ride the rides. Bring money for food and amusements, and a swimsuit if… read more

  • Bridges by Night Ride

    The original Bridges by Night ride is a twilight tour of East River bridges, through three boroughs and over the Queensboro, Pulaski, Williamsburg, Manhattan, and Brooklyn bridges. This unique ride highlights stunning vistas, takes in the glorious sunset with a Manhattan backdrop, celebrates bridge access for bicycles and pedestrians, and provides a brief history of… read more

  • Beach Ride

    It’s gonna be like summertime so let’s go to the beach! Bike ride to Rockaway Queens beach (Fort Tilden). Bring swimsuit, towel, sunscreen, food and/or money for food, lock for bike, or leave your bike on the beach. Come prepared (tools, tubes, water, etc.) to ride some miles at a brisk pace. We will be… read more

  • Bureau Of Organized Bike Lane Safety Ride Action Report

    Bureau Of Organized Bike Lane Safety Ride Action Report

    Bureau of Organized Bikelane Safety (B*O*O*B*S) Action Report March 19th, 2010 CLICK HERE for photos of 3/19/2010 ride CLICK HERE for video of 3/19/2010 ride Press: NY Times City Room & The Gothamist On Friday, March 19th, agent-technicians from the Bureau Of Organized Bikelane Safety (B.O.O.B.S.) descended by bicycle on the intersection of Broadway and… read more

  • Graffiti Ride

    Graffiti Ride

    Our gallery is on the streets, and we want to share it, pointing out famous and hidden spots throughout the city. We’ll be covering the Williamsburg and Bushwick neighborhoods of Brooklyn. Tour includes NYC highlights, history and social implications of street art. Check out Time’s Up’s website for new dates and locations. Check out the… read more

  • 2013-04-22 – Times Up! takes over Williamsburg lot as first garden – City Atlas

    Times Up! takes over Williamsburg lot as first garden City Atlas April 22, 2013 By Shannon Ayala Times Up! took over a vacant lot on South 5th Street in Williams­burg, just across the street from its South 6th Street head­quar­ters and in plain view of the Williams­burg Bridge. “We just walked in,” said Ben­jamin… read more

  • “Criminality Suspected” Memorial Project

    In 1996, Time’s Up! pioneers the Street Memorial Project, commemorating cyclists and pedestrians killed by motorists. The Street Memorial Project creates silent but powerful memorials to draw attention to pedestrian and cyclist fatalities around the city through actions such as Stencil Memorials, Memorial Bike Rides, and candlelight vigils. In collaboration with Right of Way, Time’s… read more

  • 2013-04-18 – Time’s Up! Movie Night – Time Out

    Time’s Up! Movie Night Time Out April 18, 2013 The cycling advocates at Time’s Up! host a monthly movie night, showcasing short and feature films about bikes and environmental advocacy. There’s also beer and free popcorn; donations are appreciated. read more

  • 2013-04-18 – Vacant Williamsburg Lot Will Become Garden or Apartments – Gothamist

    Vacant Williamsburg Lot Will Become Community Garden, Or Maybe Apartments Gothamist April 18, 2013 By Lauren Evans On Sunday, volunteers with environmental advocacy group Time’s Up broke into a fenced-off vacant lot at 99 South 5th Street in Williamsburg, with the goal of eventually turning the abandoned scrap of dirt into a beautiful community… read more

  • 2013-04-09 – City Settles ‘Occupy’ Lawsuit for $350 K – New York Post

    City Settles ‘Occupy’ Lawsuit for $350 K  New York Post April 9, 2013 By David Seifman… The city has agreed to pay more than $350,000 to settle three lawsuits brought by protestors at Occupy Wall Street who claimed thousands of books, electronic equipment and bikes seized by the city were either damaged or never… read more

  • 2013-04-09 – NYC Agrees to Pay Protestors – Huffington Post

    Occupy Wall Street Lawsuits: NYC Agrees To Pay Protestors For Destroying Library, Property Huffington Post April 9, 2013 By Jonathan Allen… NEW YORK, April 9 (Reuters) – New York City has agreed to pay Occupy Wall Street protesters more than $100,000 for property damaged or lost when police cleared out their encampment in a… read more

  • 2013-03-26 – Mean Streets For City Cyclists – Metro NY

    Mean Streets For City Cyclists Metro NY March 26, 2013 By Alison Bowen read more

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  • Energy Bike Update

    Energy Bike Update

    This is an update to our original open source plans found here. This Year, Time’s Up volunteers spent countless hours doing research and development to make our energy bikes as efficient, user-friendly, and reliable as possible. We updated both our stands and electrical assemblies. Here, we provide you with our reasoning, our parts lists, and… read more

  • Sustainable Energy Plan

    News Date: Wednesday, January 16, 2013 – 1:15pm Time’s Up! Analysis of Cuomo’s Energy Plan and alternative, sustainable plan for the future. Based on Cuomo’s various public statements, as well as private meetings that have ben relayed to Time’s Up, his energy plan for New York State is clear: read more

  • Time’s Up Sustainabile Energy Plan

    Time’s Up! Analysis of Cuomo’s Energy Plan and alternative, sustainable plan for the future Based on Cuomo’s various public statements, as well as private meetings that have ben relayed to Time’s Up, his energy plan for New York State is clear: He wants to end the moratorium on hydrofracturing for natural gas in New York… read more

  • 2013-03-21 – Cyclists Draw a Line – The Villager

    Cyclists Draw a Line; Demand Accountability in Car Accidents The Villager March 21, 2013 By Jefferson Siegel… All too often, the news is filled with stories of pedestrians and bicyclists killed in accidents with cars. The stories usually conclude with the drivers not being charged followed by the police statement: “No criminality suspected.” In… read more

  • 2013-03-16 – Sidewalk memorials remind public of pedestrians hit and killed – PIX11

    Sidewalk memorials remind public of pedestrains hit and killed PIX11 March 16, 2013 By Magee Hickey… You may be walking down the street and see what looks like a chalk drawing, the outline of a body, you may wonder what’s the story. Here’s the answer. An anonymous group of cyclists stenciled these body outlines… read more

  • 2012-12-27 – 5 FREE New Year’s Eve Alternative Events – Waterside Plaza

    5 FREE New Year’s Eve Alternative Events Waterside Plaza December 27th, 2012 By Di If you’re not a competitive runner but still want an active start to 2013, you can bring your bike or skates to Washington Square Park for Time’s Up New Year’s Eve Ride (or roll) up to resplendent Belvedere Castle in… read more

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    For press inquires email  TIME’S UP! is a grassroots environmental group that uses educational outreach and direct action to promote a more sustainable, less toxic city. For more than 20 years, TIME’S UP! has worked to educate people about the environmental impacts of everyday decisions, from the food we buy to the means of… read more

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  • 2012-12-08 – East Village Shrine to Riots and Radicals – NY Times

    East Village Shrine to Riots and Radicals The New York Times December 8th, 2012 By John Leland FOUR days before the opening of the Museum of Reclaimed Urban Space on Avenue C, near 10th Street, Bill DiPaola told the volunteer staff about the suggestion box. Though the group was supposed to make all decisions… read more

  • Event News

    TIME’S UP! organizes hundreds of campaigns, rides, workshops, and events every year. Generally someone had an idea for a ride or other event, got together with others, and made it happen. Some are a little more involved, working with environmental, community garden, and youth groups. Events are listed in our calendar here: calendar read more

  • Events

    TIME’S UP! organizes hundreds of campaigns, rides, workshops, and events every year. Generally someone had an idea for a ride or other event, got together with others, and made it happen. Some are a little more involved, working with environmental, community garden, and youth groups. Events are listed in our calendar here: /calendar read more

  • Rides

    TIME’S UP! and other groups are spreading the word to ride together. By riding with your friend or buddy, it immediately becomes safer. By teaming up with a third person, it becomes even safer. Ride to work together and ride home together. When you see another rider, be friendly and link up. Ride to the… read more

  • Rides and Events

    (Ride and Event Descriptions Below)  #1 Using bicycles for everyday transportation is very good for the environment (and for you). Safety concerns are the #1 reason people don’t ride bikes. Yet in New York City, bicycling is up 25% and on the the rise. TIME’S UP! has a simple recipe to increase biking and infrastructure:… read more