Dumpster Ride

[See the calendar for a complete list of upcoming events!]

An evening of riding and dumpster diving. Bring a flashlight and bags or a trailer to carry food and assorted other booty from Soho’s most generous dumpsters.

On this ride, we will be doing two of our favorite things: riding our bicycles and getting free food. Bring a trailer (if you have one), small flashlight, plastic bags. Good for the hungry and the curious.

If you’re hungry and into gourmet food, or need a new cashmere sweater, or perhaps a nice chair for your living room, this is the ride. Lots of stops and a slow pace, because we’re all going to be carrying our newly acquired booty. This ride is free to all, and we share everything we find. If you think that eating food out of the garbage is unsanitary, we would like to show you exactly how neatly rich people (mostly the shops that rich people patronize) dispose of their edible garbage.

Upcoming rides include Thursday March 10th and Thursday April 14th, 2016. The rides start at 8:00pm and meet at the center of Tompkins Square park, in front of the Gaia Tree.

One of our dumpster tours was written up in The Villager.

What's not edible can be composted.

          A complete dinner!