Brooklyn Critical Mass

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Brooklyn CM, August 2005, gathering at Prospect Park. Photo by Mac.Critical Mass is a monthly celebration of bicycles and other nonpolluting means of transportation, exercising our right to the road. Critical Mass is a movement, not an organization; no two riders participate for exactly the same reason. Brooklyn Critical Mass started rolling in 2004.

Second Friday of every month, 7:00 p.m., meeting at Grand Army Plaza. Come out and join Critical Mass in Brooklyn. Celebrate cycling, and assert your right to the road — Brooklyn style!

Upcoming Rides:

Brooklyn's first CM, July 2004. Photo by Timmy S.   {calendar_insert frequenteventid=’2′ limit=’6′}

Brooklyn Critical Mass 2004

Brooklyn Critical Mass 2004


Critical Mass is not a TIME’S UP! ride. It arose organically amongst Brooklyn bicyclists. There are of course some TIME’S UP! volunteers in Brooklyn who have an enthusiastic interest in the ride. See in Brooklyn, Police, bicyclists can get along (Brooklyn Papers, 4/1/2006).

There is a Brooklyn Critical Mass website.