First Friday Ride

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Celebrate non-polluting transportation with a semi-spontaneous, monthly mass ride creating fun, safe and sane streets.

First Friday Ride is a monthly celebration of pollution-free transportation as a way to create safer streets for human beings! A fun and inclusive group bicycle ride through the streets of New York City at a leisurely pace. Route to be determined by participants.

Participants are encouraged to stay close together for increased safety. Courteous behavior towards pedestrians and other road-users also encouraged.

Bring lights, bells, and ideas for fun routes. Skaters and joggers will be joyfully welcomed. Come with your love and creativity to spaces usually dominated by polluting and dangerous motor vehicles by dressing up, bringing music or snacks to share. A real fun way to build real community!

Depending on the participants, riders will occasionally enjoy a meal or snack together, and/or head to Moonlight Ride !