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Nude Bikers Who Dare to Be Bare Will Hit the Streets on Saturday
New York Daily News
June 6, 2013
By Mark Morales


Lady Godiva is trading in her horse for wheels.

Hordes of nude bikers will strip down and cycle all over Brooklyn and Manhattan as part of the World Naked Bike Ride on Saturday.

Daring cyclists are taking to the streets to protest quality of life issues like the use of fossil fuels and to promote the human form with their bare bodies.

Cleverly applied body paint, pasties and even hot pants for more modest riders are also allowed in the “bare as you dare” group ride.

“The naked truth is that the people need a lot more freedom in this city,” said organizer Benjamin Shepard who’s planning to wear Freddie Mercury-style short-shorts.

“It should be more ass and less gas.”

City law allows women to go topless — but going bottomless is frowned upon (at least by the men in blue).

Organizers said no one has gotten detained or ticketed for going commando, but they do instruct buff riders to cover up to the minimum when approached by cops.

Riders who don’t own their own bikes but still want to be part of the fleshy gathering are welcome to use a Citi Bike – just as long as they remember to bring a seat cover.

“We’re here to promote with our naked bodies a heathier, freer and more sustainable way of living in New York City,” said Shepard. “What better way than to do that riding naked with 500 of my best friends?”

Nutty nudists will gather at Grand Ferry Park on the Williamsburg Waterfront for body-painting and games at 4:30 p.m.

Then at 6:15 p.m., the scantily-clad ride begins.

Shepard won’t release details about the route but did say nude riders will spare the Hasidic section of Williamsburg, where locals have shown an aversion to cycling and nudity.

The secret route – which will only be given to riders before they hit the road – will include tours of Williamsburg, Greenpoint and Manhattan.

The group will also have a stable of volunteers acting as lookouts, giving nude riders a heads up if cops are closing in.

Scouts will be the only ones on the ride heavily encouraged to cover up the goods.

Similar bike rides have taken place in Los Angeles, Chicago, Portland, Oregon, Washington, London, Montreal, Mexico City and Brazil.

Shepard says this year’s event — which he says draws a ton of nudists and peeping toms — will happen rain or shine.

“It’s going to be very joyous and it’s a blast,” said Shepard. “It’s part of being in the naked city.”

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