Know Your Rights Ride & First Amendment Marathon

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Saturday, July 4, 2009 
Union Square Park North 

The Clash sang, “You have the right to Free Speech as long as you’re not dumb enough to actually try it”.

Let’s try it!  This Independence Day celebrate Free Speech and Public Assembly.  Join Reverend Billy and Civil Rights Attorney, Norman Siegel at the First Amendment Marathon in Union Square Park, the City’s traditional speakers’ corner, followed by a bike ride to exercise our First Amendment rights.  We’ll dance to the music of the sound bike as we bike our way around the city toward the fireworks show.

]The day will start in Union Square with free speech advocates chanting those powerful 45 words of the First Amendment.  Two years ago, Reverend Billy was arrested and charged with two counts of harassment while reciting the First Amendment through a cardboard megaphone at the start of the June 2007 Critical Mass ride.  Reverend Billy, with Norman Siegel’s representation, successfully sued the City for wrongful arrest. 

CLICK HERE for video of Reverend Billy’s arrest:

The NYPD is still violating the constitutional rights of New Yorkers by infringing on our rights to free speech and peaceful assembly.  On the monthly Critical Mass Ride, the NYPD continues to intimidate cyclists who gather in Union Square on the last Friday of every month for a peaceful bike ride around Manhattan.

CLICK HERE for video of NYPD following small groups of cyclists as they try to leave Union Square.

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Photo by Peter Meitzler

Photo by Fred Askew

Photo by Fred Askew