• Love Your Lane Campaign

    Time’s Up! announces a new campaign called Love Your Lane, and all are invited to take part! The Love Your Lanetm campaign is designed to inspire community support for the positive new cycling infrastructure sprouting up all around New York City. Help us promote respect and utilization of the exciting new green infrastructure and bicycling […] read more


    News Date: Tuesday, February 13, 2007 – 2:30pm
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  • Bike and Pedestrian Memorials

    Bike and Pedestrian Memorials

    In 2005-2006, “ghost bikes” — bicycles painted white with plaques placed above them to recognize deceased cyclists — have been installed in New York City by members of Time’s Up! and Visual Resistance. The NYC Street Memorial Project now installs ghost bikes in NYC and maintains the website which includes ghost bike projects throughout […] read more

  • Andre Anderson Ghost Bike

    GHOST BIKE MEMORIAL IN HONOR OF ANDRE ANDERSON, 14-YEAR-OLD CYCLIST KILLED BY SUV Photo by Tod Seelie On September 24, 2005, 14-year-old Andre Anderson was killed on Shore Front Parkway at Beach 77th Street in Far Rockaway, Queens, by Jose Vicens, 23, who was driving his Lincoln Navigator. Andre was struck from behind and killed […] read more

  • Reclaim the Streets

       A tripod set in the middle of Broadway. The police are arriving. > > Broadway is held for two hours by close to a thousand people. > >    Reclaim the Streets is an international movement that started in London. It is now in hundreds of cities all over the world. It addresses the […] read more

  • Memorial Stencil Project

    Cars and trucks not only destroy our environment, but they can destroy each of us instantly! HOW TO GET AWAY WITH MURDER Under New York State law, if you use a gun or a knife to kill someone it’s a crime. But if you kill someone with a car, as long as you’re not drinking, […] read more

  • Ghost Bike Memorials

    GHOST BIKE MEMORIALS FOR 37 CYCLISTS KILLED IN 2005 – 2006 (for a complete list of the New York City Ghost Bikes installed 2005-present and links to Ghost Bike Projects around the world go here) Photo © 2005 Fred Askew In 2005-2006,  “ghost bikes” — bicycles painted white with plaques placed above them to recognize […] read more