Ghost Bike Memorials

1996 Time’s Up! pioneers the Street Memorial Project, commemorating cyclists and pedestrians killed by motorists.

  • The Street Memorial Project creates silent but powerful memorials to draw attention to pedestrian and cyclist fatalities around the city through actions such as Stencil Memorials, Memorial Bike Rides, and candlelight vigils.
  • In collaboration with Right of Way, Time’s Up! volunteers identify intersections around the city that are especially dangerous to cyclists and pedestrians.
  • Captured by the media, these actions successfully raised public awareness on the need for improvements in the design of intersections, the creation of new bike lanes and motorist awareness campaigns, and harsher punishments for hit-and-run offenders.  This project has been vital to increasing non-polluting transportation because it enables cyclists to feel safer utilizing shared roadways.
  • The success of this project in New York City has inspired similar programs in other cities including Chicago and San Francisco.
  • Later this project also took on “Ghost Memorials,” which are white bicycles placed in spots cyclists were killed by vehicles, now prevalent in cities nationwide.


(for a complete list of the New York City Ghost Bikes installed 2005-present and links to Ghost Bike Projects around the world go here)

Photo © 2005 Fred Askew

In 2005-2006,  “ghost bikes” — bicycles painted white with plaques placed above them to recognize deceased cyclists — have been installed in New York City by members of Time’s Up! and Visual Resistance. The NYC Street Memorial Project now installs ghost bikes in NYC and maintains the website which includes ghost bike projects throughout the world.  The memorials are intended to honor cyclists killed on New York’s streets and to remind drivers to use caution and be aware of bicycles.


Donna Goodson, 41, June 5, 2006, hit by dump truck

  • Rockaway Parkway and Avenue D, Brooklyn
  • Police say no charges were filed (1010 Wins, 6/6/2006)

Dr. Carl Nacht, 56, June 22, 2006, hit by NYPD tow truck. Died of his injuries on June 26, 2006.

  • West Side Greenway at 38th Street, Manhattan
  • The driver was not cited, although the police said the accident was still under investigation (New York Times, 6/27/06).

Derek Lake, 23, June 26, 2006, hit by tractor trailer

  • Houston Street at LaGuardia Place, Manhattan
  • The driver of the truck was not charged in the accident but was given summonses for six violations involving his vehicle’s equipment, the police said (New York Times, 6/27/06).

Darran Lewis, 20, August 10, 2006, hit by truck

  • 29th Street and 9th Avenue, Manhattan
  • .The police called the collision an accident and said no charges would be filed (New York Times, 8/11/2006).

Jonathan Neese, 34, August 12, 2006, hit by motor vehicle

  • South 4th Street and Roebling Avenue, Brooklyn

Shamar Porter, 10, August 5, 2006, hit by minivan as he biked home from a Little League victory

  • Linden Boulevard near Williams Avenue, Brooklyn
  • The driver, who was not identified, remained at the scene and was not charged with any wrongdoing, police said (Daily News, 8/6/2006).

Keith Powell, 34, August 20, 2006, killed by a hit & run driver in a stolen car

  • Avenue L and 93rd St, Brooklyn

Jose Mora, 11, September 4, 2006, hit by motor vehicle

  • North Conduit and McKinley Ave, Brooklyn
  • Police say the driver of the car stayed at the scene and was not charged (1010 wins 9/5/2006)

Reginald Chan, 60, September 18, 2006, hit by truck

  • Third Avenue at 17th Street, Manhattan
  • No charges or summons were issued (Associated Press, 9/18/2006)

Frank Simpson, 60, November 9, 2006, struck and killed by car

  • Linden Boulevard near 175th Street in St. Albans, Queens
  • Police have not yet determined who was driving the car and have not charged anyone (New York Post, 11/11/2006)

Jamel Lewis, 21, November 30, 2006, struck and killed by sanitation truck

  • 145 street and 8th avenue, Manhattan
  • Jamel’s death remains unreported in the news

Eric Ng, 22, December 1, 2006, struck and killed by drunken driver

  • Hudson River bike path, near Clarkson Street, Manhattan
  • The drunk driver rode for over a mile on the no-cars-allowed Hudson River greenway before striking Eric
  • The driver was arrested and charged with vehicular manslaughter, reckless endangerment and driving while intoxicated, the authorities said (New York Times, 12/3/2006)

Anonymous cyclist, December 14, 2006, struck and killed by a car

  • 65th street west-bound Central Park traverse, Manhattan
  • Police say there was no criminal act, and no charges will be filed (WABC, 12/14/2006)


Chaim Goldberg, 24, January 3, 2005, hit by school bus

  • 17th Avenue and 51st Street, Brooklyn
  • Ghost bike has since been removed by unknown party

Jerome Allen, 40, April 26, 2005, hit by SUV

  • Hylan Blvd and Lipsett Avenue, Staten Island

Brandie Bailey, 21, May 8, 2005, hit & run by truck

  • Houston Street & Allen Street, Manhattan
  • The police said the driver of the truck was not charged
  • (New York Times, 5/10/05)

Elizabeth Padilla, 28, June 9, 2005, run over by truck

  • 5th Avenue and Prospect Place, Brooklyn
  • No arrest was made and there was no criminality, police said (New York Post, 6/10/2005)

Andrew Ross Morgan, 25, June 22, 2005, hit by truck

  • Houston Street and Elizabeth Street, Manhattan
  • Police issued only a summons for driving without an inspection sticker (Village Voice, 1/17/2006)

Keith Alexander, 41, July 11, 2005, hit wall avoiding child

  • Shore Road Bike Path, Bay Ridge, Brooklyn
  • Ghost bike was removed in June by the Parks Department

Jen Shao, 65, Sept. 16, 2005, hit & run by private bus

  • Water Street and Governeur Lane, Manhattan
  • NYPD put up flyers at the site of Ms. Shao’s death asking for witnesses to the death, but never made any arrests (Visual Resistance)
  • Ghost bike has since been removed by local business owner

Liz Byrne, 45, Sept. 23, 2005, hit by a Budget Rental vehicle

  • McGuinness Blvd and Kent Street, Brooklyn
  • The driver was cited for driving a truck that he didn’t have the right class license to drive and an investigation is ongoing as to whether there was negligence on the part of Budget Car Rental who had several vehicles parked at and around the intersection, which may have obstructed the driver’s view

Andre Anderson, 14, Sept. 24, 2005, hit by SUV

  • Shore Front Parkway in Far Rockaway, Brooklyn
  • An official police statement said there was “no criminality in this incident” (Wave, 9/30/2005)

Miguel Molina, 48, Oct. 20, 2005, hit & run by motor vehicle

  • Atlantic Avenue near Logan Street, Brooklyn

Eulene Bryant, 57, Oct. 29, 2005, hit by motor vehicle

  • 3rd Avenue and 168th Street, Bronx
  • No arrests were made (Daily News, 10/30/2005)

Angel Quizphi, 24, Oct. 29, 2005, hit by drunk driver

  • Northern Blvd near Prince Street, Queens
  • Driver was recently convicted and sentenced to a 7-month sentence (Visual Resistance)
  • Ghost bike has since been removed by local business owner

12 Unnamed Cyclists, killed on bicycles in NYC Houston Street & Lafayette Avenue, Manhattan

Photo © 2005 Fred Askew

Elizabeth Padilla

Photo: Peter Meitzler

Miguel Molina

Andre Anderson

Photo: Tod Seelie

Andrew Morgan

Photo © 2005 Fred Askew

Dr. Carl Nacht

Photo: Jym Dyer

Brandie BaileyPhoto: Tomas Melchor

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