Love Your Lane Campaign

Love Your Lane

Time’s Up! announces a new campaign called Love Your Lane, and all are invited to take part! The Love Your Lanetm campaign is designed to inspire community support for the positive new cycling infrastructure sprouting up all around New York City. Help us promote respect and utilization of the exciting new green infrastructure and bicycling lanes created by the NYC Department of Transportation.

Join the lovefest and get this campaign off to a rousing start, here is what we are doing on 2/11/2011, on Valentine’s Day weekend, the Love Your Lane Bike Ride and After-Party at the Living Theater in the East Village.

Check out photos of our Love Your Lane Campaign!

Goals of the Love Your Lane Campaign:

  • Create a positive buzz about the new bike lanes and green infrastructure.
  • Promote usage of the new infrastructure – If we don’t use it, we lose it.
  • Work with DOT to promote the smooth acceptance of their designs in all different communities.  
  • Bring the cycling, skating and walking community together as a unified voice for safe streets.
  • Encourage all to share the road with love.

Steps we are taking:

  • Create fliers and educational pamphlets explaining the benefits of biking and why bike lanes are here to stay.
  • Meet with city officials, including the DOT, to discuss how Time’s Up! can help raise awareness of existing and future bike lanes and green infrastructure.
  • Use Time’s Up!’s festive, fun events, bike clowns, new sound bikes, and theater to promote the new infrastructure.
  • Design and distribute items such as stencils and patches with our new Love Your Lane logo.

Celebrate on Valentine’s Day with a great party held at a skateboard park to further reach out to skaters, skateboarders, pedestrians and cyclists. Then keep the campaign going and the love growing.

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With 20 years of involvement, creating positive change and engaging in celebrations of what our streets could look like, Time’s Up! is now seeing widespread environmental awareness, well-planned infrastructure and a steady increase in non-pollution transportation. Let’s all work together to spread the love and keep the momentum going!


Bike Clown celebrate cleared bike lanes on Mar 2008 ride - photo courtesy of Team Spider

Valentine’s Day Love Your Lane Ride

2009 Valentine’s Day Party flyer