Memorial Stencil Project

Cars and trucks not only destroy our environment, but they can destroy each of us instantly!


Under New York State law, if you use a gun or a knife to kill someone it’s a crime. But if you kill someone with a car, as long as you’re not drinking, it’s perfectly legal. In most cases, you’ll get away scot-free without even the bother of a traffic ticket.

While that may be perfectly acceptable here, murder-by-car is not legitimate everywhere. In Amsterdam, it is a crime to hit a pedestrian, and the driver’s license is revoked — permanently.

Killed by Automobile: chalk outline-style memorial stencil. As part of its ongoing efforts to raise people’s awareness and reduce the number of victims, TIME’S UP! has been at the forefront of traffic-calming events and memorials to slain pedestrians. TIME’S UP! volunteers were involved from the beginning in the New York City memorial project, marking the place where a person was killed by spray-painting a life-sized stencil of a human body on the asphalt road.

News of this bold idea has spread far and wide, and the memorial campaign has now been adopted by groups and individuals around the world.

Casey Moe stencil. Photo by Jym Dyer.