News Date: Monday, December 29, 2008 – 8:15am

PlaNYC 2030 NOW zine cover pageCheck out the Time’s Up! PlaNYC NOW zine by Sabrina Jones published in the Institute for Urban Design’s “New York 2030 Notebook”.

It’s 2008 in New York City, and non-polluting transportation is increasing every year; bicycles, hybrid vehicles, pedicabs and work bikes are emerging everywhere.   Mayor Bloomberg has initiated a plan for greening the city by 2030, called PlaNYC2030.  With a bike-friendly D.O.T. commissioner in place, and long-planned bike lane expansion moving ahead, why wait until 2030.  The time to act is NOW.

Time’s Up! environmental group was chosen as a contributor to the Institute for Urban Design’s, New York 2030 Notebook, which includes a series of essays on novel research and ideas from a diverse group of individuals and organizations focused on PlaNYC.

Time’s Up! has been making effective change for the last 20 years.  We believe that bicycling is a key solution to decreasing congestion and reducing air pollution, accidents, obesity and asthma.  Bicycling, community gardens and public space are the gateway to a human-scaled, sustainable and livable city for all. Read about our vision below, and click here for a printable PDF of the whole thing.

zine pp. 1-2

zine pp. 3-4

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zine pp. 11-12

zine pp. 11-12

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