Bike Repair Workshops and Skillshare

Space, 49 E. Houston (between Mott & Mulberry), throughout
the month of November (except Thanksgiving week).

It’s a bike mechanic skillshare: Come learn how to fix your
bike, including flats, gears, simple maintenance, and general tune ups.


Bikes being worked on. Photo by Jym Dyer.
Bikes being assembled and fixed
in the workshop.

BNC Bike Lending Library

The bike workshop was originally an effort by TIME’S UP! to provide
more bikes for the many people that will be coming to New York City
for the Republican National Convention. By providing bikes for those
who came to the city without them, we encouraged more people to think
about sustainable energy and non-polluting energy sources. It also
allowed more people to participate in the Bike National Convention

Bike mechanics were available at the space, as well as plenty of
tools to work on projects, or to just fix up bikes. Those coming to
the city who needed a bike either earned one by fixing up bikes (fix
3, get 1 free), or bought some very affordable bikes.

Information for getting around the city, as well as free maps, are
still available at the space. If you need help getting around town,
feel free to stop by for directions or tips.