Thanks To Our Supporters

TIME’S UP! is run by volunteers, some of whom devote countless hours every month to the exciting and informative environmental events you see on this Web site. VERY SPECIAL THANKS to our members and TU’s volunteers for proposing and leading rides, for organizing and participating in events, helping with mailings and fund-raising activities, paying dues, designing and printing T-shirts, and lots more!

We also want to extend special thanks to some of our most devoted supporters:

Thank You for Disaster Relief Support

Thank You Milbank Memorial

Thank You for Legal Support

Thank You for Fossil Fuel Disaster Relief Support



KUDOS to Glen Goldstein of the NYC Bicycle Show, who:  

  • donated exhibition space at the show to TIME’S UP! each year
  • arranged Nite Rider light loans for two night-time rides as well as a donation of light sets (see below)
  • gave TIME’S UP! members discounted admission to the show
  • donated a portion of the admissions proceeds to TIME’S UP! as part of the new Buck for Bikes program
NYC Bicycle Show
  Volunteers at the Bike Show.Barbara and Kerith at the TIME’S UP! booth at the May 2001 Bike Show, with fresh TU T-shirts!

Swift Folder   KUDOS to Peter Reich and Swift Folder for supporting and participating in the annual Folds Up! Ride.
A bow-wow of thanks to Dogwalking for Rainforests for its generous donations.   Dogwalking for Rainforests
  Big thanks to Crumpler Bags for their most excellent support.

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