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CBS2 Cited For Uncovering NYPD Voyeurs: Chang Wins Coveted ‘Murrow’ Award



April 3, 2006

(CBS) NEW YORK CBS2 News reporter Ti-Hua Chang is the winner of an Edward R. Murrow award for a story he uncovered about the NYPD taping a couple as they kissed on their rooftop.

The Murrow judges cited Chang’s story, “Police Voyeurs,” as the winner in the hard-news regional category.

In the summer of 2004, New York City Police using a special infra-red camera in a helicopter videotaped a couple kissing and fondling each other on their roof-top balcony in the East Village. The couple was in complete darkness on top of the only tall building for several blocks. The couple’s balcony was surrounded by bushes.

From 500 feet up in the helicopter, police recorded the couple kissing three separate times then returned to follow the woman alone. The police helicopter was in the area to follow an anti-car, bicycle demonstration just before the Republican national convention.

The issue was whether police should be using high-tech equipment to be voyeurs.

General and Investigative Reporter Ti-Hua Chang heard of the existence of the tape, got a copy of the video and then tracked down the couple. At one point he had to leave letters for the couple with doormen in various East Village apartment buildings.

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