2011-11-22 – Journalist Successfully Stands to NYPD – Gothamist

Video: Another Journalist Successfully Stands Up To The NYPD

By: Garth Johnston


Considering how pissed the collective media is over its treatment by the NYPD, it is comforting to know that Time’s Up! activist Barbara Ross wasn’t the only citizen journalist to successfully stand up to the police while being intimidated in the past week. Two days after she stood her ground as Zuccotti Park was cleared, Yes Man Igor Vamos was told to move by the NYPD—and he successfully refused. Watching NYPD officers slowly realize that they don’t have a legal leg to stand on and that they are being filmed by a dozen cameras as well as jeered by folks screaming “the whole world is watching?” Priceless.

The money shot comes in just after the two minute mark when Vamos tells the officers harassing him, “It is not legal for the press to be yelled at by the police.” You can just see the officers deflate before mumbling “okay, very good.” The cops don’t totally give up after that, but their attempts to move the crowd suddenly have a whole lot less oomph to them.

We’ve reached out to Vamos to find out if anything happened after the video, and we’ll update if we hear back.

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