2010-12-23 – C.M. Holiday Party – The Villager

EXTRA! C.M. holiday party
The Villager
December 23,2010


Community Media held its holiday party last Thursday evening at the Hudson Square residence of Publisher John W. Sutter and his wife, artist Kathleen Kucka. Clockwise from above, Lincoln Anderson, associate editor of The Villager and East Villager, heard writer Laurie Mittelmann tell about her recent reporting in Christiania, the Danish “free town” commune, as uber writer Stephen Wolf, in background, also made the scene; speaking of “communing,” Francesco Regini, advertising V.P., and sales rep Allison Greaker felt the love for the camera; Publisher Sutter posed in front of one of Kucka’s beautiful, tactile artworks; administrative assistant Cynthia Soto kicked back; cartoonist Evan Forsch and his wife, Lauren, were drawing their own conclusions, no doubt; circulation director Cheryl Williamson was circulating and looking good; Jim Flynn, author of “Stranger to the System,” about the Tompkins Square homeless, was no stranger to the party; and from left, reporter par excellence Albert Amateau, legendary journalist Jerry Tallmer, who just turned 90, and sales rep Colin Gregory made for a talented trio. Also attending were writers Alphie McCourt, Kate Walter and Michele Herman, Barbara Ross of Time’s Up! and super photographers Jefferson Siegel, Tequila Minsky, Milo Hess, Clayton Patterson and his wife, Elsa Rensaa.

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