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Another Cop Vs. Cyclist Bodyslam During Critical Mass
March 30, 2010
By John Del Signore


One year before the infamous bike body-slam video of 2008 cost NYPD officer Patrick Pogan his job, another cop was caught on video knocking a cyclist off his bike during a Critical Mass ride. Like Pogan, Sergeant Timothy Horohoe’s account of the arrest differs dramatically from the video evidence, but unlike Pogan, Horohoe was never brought up on criminal charges or NYPD administrative charges. However, the city has agreed to pay $97,751 to settle a lawsuit filed against the NYPD for wrongfully detaining and arresting five cyclists during the March 2007 Critical Mass ride. This video, provided by the Glass Bead Collective, dubs audio from Sgt. Horohoe’s sworn testimony over footage of the arrest. (For the uninitiated, what you’re smelling is the unmistakable scent of NYPD uniform pants on fire):

According to Times Up, the CCRB brought a charge against Sgt Horohoe for lying in an official investigation. Three years later the Internal Affairs Bureau, assigned to investigate these charges against Sgt. Horohoe, has taken no action, and the statute of limitations has expired. The cyclist seen in the video, Richard Vazquez., said in a statement, “While I’m pleased with the monetary victory for myself and the other plainpngs, there will be no real justice until the higher-ups in the NYPD are held accountable for their actions, and it is not just the low ranking officers who are punished.”

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