2010-03-22 – Clowns Liberate More Bike Lanes – Gothamist

Clowns Liberate More Bike Lanes from “Toxic” Cars
March 22, 2010
By John Del Signore


On Friday, a group of bike-riding clowns associated with Times Up! staged another bike lane liberation action, using slapstick humor to dispel a widespread misconception that bike lanes are parking lots. Dressed in cartoonish hazmat suits and acting as “agent-technicians from the Bureau Of Organized Bikelane Safety (B.O.O.B.S.),” the jokers patrolled the Sixth Avenue bike lane, treating the cars that blocked it like toxic crime scenes.

Equipped with fake parking summonses, the six agents set cones around the illegally parked cars and reenacted crash scenes. According to City Room, “of the half-dozen lane-blocking drivers ambushed by the enforcement team — from a Fresh Direct delivery truck to a silver Lincoln Town Car — all moved without hesitation, except for a cement truck driver who shrugged his shoulders and said he had nowhere else to park.” Explaining their buffoonish approach to activism, one biker remarked, “Whenever we don’t dress up like clowns, they don’t move as fast.”

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