2009-12-21 – Does Mother Nature Hate Bike Lanes – Gathamist

Does Mother Nature HAte Bike Lanes, breats?
The Gathamist
December 21, 2009


 For the past two weekends, bicycling advocates have planned high-profile demonstrations to protest the city’s surprise removal of a 14-block stretch of bike lane on Bedford Avenue in South Williamsburg. But both rides have been severely undermined by inclement weather, much to the dismay of cyclists, media, and even the NYPD. Saturday night’s snow foiled what was supposed to be a topless bike ride through the predominantly Hasidic community, some of whom are said to object to the presence of immodestly dressed women. Others, of course, are all for immodesty: “I want to see some boobs!” shouted one disappointed cop.

And last Sunday, heavy rain hamstrung a “vigil and resurrection” organized by Times Up. The activist group just sent us a fun video from that rainy funeral procession, which was monitored by twice as many police as cyclists. If, God forbid, another bike lane protest is planned for next weekend, expect locusts and frogs.

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