2006-08-02 – Riders Keep On Rolling – The Villager

Riders Keep On Rolling
The Villager
August 2, 2006
By Jefferson Siegel


Despite the recent announcement that the Police Department plans to revise permit regulations to require groups of 20 or more bicyclists — and even pairs of bicyclists — to obtain a permit to bike together, Critical Mass was back in action last Friday evening for its monthly freewheeling ride. Clockwise from top right: The sign on Time’s Up volunteer Peter Meitzler’s tandem bike took a dig at the proposed new regulations; after the ride started, Canek Pence-Vargas of Brooklyn, originally from California, was charged with biking in the center of the street, issued a ticket and released; Christopher John from Williamsburg was an easy rider as he reclined in a chair being pedaled by his friend Christian Guiterrez; jazz singer Alexis Cole was dressed in an American flag, and very little else, for last month’s hot and humid ride. “It came in the junk mail with the American Bible Society,” she said while waiting in Union Square for the ride to begin. Asked about her unusual attire, Cole explained, “It’s not that weird for me. I’m a performer.” Cole had just returned from a gig in Tokyo. She was arrested in the September 2005 Critical Mass ride along with several other cyclists. At last Friday’s ride, there were no arrests and 27 moving-violation tickets were issued.

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