NYPD Testimony on Critical Mass Cyclists

Below is excerpts from the testimony of Commissioner Raymond Kelly and Deputy Inspector Dennis DeQuatro, who patrolled approximately 25 Critical Mass rides, confirming that Critical Mass riders are not believed to violate laws any more frequently than any other cyclists.

Page 398 of DEQUATRO’s testimony during 5bbc trial:
Q. You’ve observed some Critical Mass rides where no violations of law have been committed by the riders while you were watching them, isn’t that correct?
A:. Yes, sir.
Q. You’ve observed rides of over 100 people, Critical Mass rides of over 100 people, where you haven’t witnessed any violations of the traffic laws by the participants, correct?
A. Yes, sir, that’s correct.
Q. It’s your view that Critical Mass participants are not inherently more likely to commit violations of the law than other bicyclists around the city, isn’t that correct?
A. That’s correct, sir. I think they are just as equally potential to commit violations of the law as any other bicyclist or motorist, for that matter.

Page 96 of KELLY’s deposition;
Q. Is it your belief that at present participants in Manhattan Critical Mass rides
have a greater propensity to violate the traffic laws compared to other New York City bicyclists?
A. No.

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