Halloween at La Plaza Community Garden with Rat Race Maze

Haunted Adventure Garden and Rat Race Maze at La Plaza Community Garden, SW corner of 9th St and Ave C, NYC. Tuesday, October 31st at 5pm. For 365 days a year, rats are the stuff nightmares are made of for New Yorkers. The theme at this year’s spooky Halloween adventure garden is Rats, because whether they rule or horrify, they’re a part of living in NYC. At this costume party, bring your whole family, as there’ll be mystic fortune telling, a whimsically creepy puppet show, face painting and thrilling coffin rides.

Oh! And try not to get trapped in the Rat Race Maze:

This maze is your future; you’ll be zigging, zagging and
back-tracking in your future corporate rat race life. Of course, right
now, you’re starting off in community and if you ever get out of the rat
race you’ll end up in community. In the meantime, you’re going to learn
the hard way. But why not avoid the corporate rat race and make your
future more sustainable by supporting your community and keeping it

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