News Date: Friday, March 30, 2007 – 10:31am

Bloomberg announced he will veto the City Council’s proposed pedicab regulation bill that sought to put a cap on the number of pedicabs allowed on city streets and a ban on all electric-assist vehicles.
[Inclusively Green Pedicab Video]

After meeting with pedicab owners and drivers on 3/15/07 to hear their grievances, and after receiving many phone calls and e-mails in support happy pedicab driverof non-polluting transportation and the pedicab industrythe mayordecided today to officially veto the City Council’s bill.

“Non-polluting transportation such as hybrid vehicles, pedicabs and bicycles is continually on the rise in NYC. ” says Time’s Up! Executive Director Bill DiPaola.  “Time’s Up! EnvirGroup helped start the pedicab industry in NYC.   I hope that in the future the city will encourage all forms of nonpolluting transportation. Time’s Up! looks forward to working together with the city on this path.”

This is another step in the right direction for our future and our planet. Time’s Up! would like to thank the Mayor for his consideration of the planet and the people’s opinion.

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