Help TIME’S UP! Find a Permanent Space

We need your help to find Time’s Up! a new permanent home!

Our old indoor space at 49 E. Houston Street was recently sold and we are currently holding our bike repair workshops in a temporary space. Time’s Up! is actively searching for a new permanent space that will allow us to continue our indoor meetings and educational events. Having a permanent Time’s Up! space is essential in plugging people into these events and making a difference in the community.

If you’d like to help, our Space Committee meets every second Monday of the month at 7:30pm at 156 Rivington St–join us!! Or, if you have any ideas or leads, email:


High traffic zone.

Cyclists arriving at the old Time’s Up! space on Houston Street for one of many free environmental events.


Bike workshop. Fork it over!
Bike Mechanic Repair Workshop


The Time’s Up! indoor space was located in downtown Manhattan at 49 East Houston Street. This first floor, inviting storefront helped Time’s Up! with its outreach to the community.

The space generated hundreds of new volunteers for Time’s Up!

In turn these volunteers have made a serious environmental impact with community building and advocating for sustainable non-polluting transportation.


Bike Educational Workshop
Educational Workshops for School Children

The old Time’s Up! space brought volunteers together for large meetings and smaller committee meetings, as well as collaborations with other environmental and community groups.

We presented educational movies every Thursday and had more than 100 indoor educational workshops a year.

All of these events were supervised by Time’s Up! instructors and were free of charge.

Workshops included instructive courses on how people can fix and maintain their bicycles including a women’s only night, beginners welding, gardening, textile, banner and puppet workshops and video editing. During our four years at Time’s Up!’s Houston Street space, more than 6,000 people attended our workshops.


And The Band Played On...
Party Time to Relax at the Space

The Time’s Up! space was essential in plugging people into these events and making a difference in the community.


Time’s Up! is seeking a large space that would allow for mixed use–including meetings, office space, movie nights, bicycle repair workshops, and puppet and banner workshops–preferably a first floor, welcoming location with a basement we can use for bicycle workshops.

Location is key for volunteer support. Our last three spaces have had great success in the Lower East Side of Manhattan and, ideally, we would love to continue working in this neighborhood. We are also considering the potential of relocating to Williamsburg, Brooklyn, or nearby. We also welcome other ideas.

Volnteers at work.
Volunteers at Work



  • If you would like to get involved, please join us at our monthly Time’s Up! Space Committee meetings, which happen on the second Monday of every month at 7pm at 156 Rivington Street in Manhattan’s Lower East Side.
  • Make a gift of real estate. For a gift of real estate, any real estate will do. If the real estate is located where we can use our volunteers to promote environmental community workshops or other eco-educational options we will do so. We can also rent or sell the space and use the money to cover relocating costs and rent at our new NYC location.
  • Own a space?: Lease your space for low rent (or no rent) to Time’s Up! Environmental Organization. See info below on the benefits of working with Time’s Up!


  • Time’s Up! is a 501(3)c non-profit, tax-deductible organization. If you donate your space to Time’s Up!, you can deduct the value of your donation from your taxes (your adviser has details).
  • Time’s Up! volunteers have a long history of managing indoor spaces, are extremely responsible and have an excellent reputation for completing events and campaigns.
  • Although we were not required to pay rent on our Houston Street location, we took on the responsibility of covering the costs of monthly utilities, insurance, basic maintenance, security, cleaning and organizing.
  • The Time’s Up! Space was well utilized, drawing a new audience to surrounding businesses and amenities.
  • By supporting Time’s Up! and our environmental campaigns, you will be supporting a greener, more sustainable NYC. And, since Time’s Up! also organizes free and creative community events, parades, rallies, puppet and textile workshops and more, by supporting Time’s Up!, you will be contributing to the cultural vitality of NYC.
  • Time’s Up! has expert video and press committees, which have generated abundant press coverage on issues important to you, in the New York Times, the Village Voice, The Villager, Metro, Time Out New York, AM New York, various TV stations, and more.
  • You will be thanked on our website and in our annual mailings, as well as in a posting at the new space.


Bike workshop. Tubular.
Bike Repair Workshop



Bill in the glow of the projector
Thursday Night Movie Screenings and Educational Presentations



Our Bike Workspace
Our bike workspace. There’s a flat tire in need of care!



Horse Cycle
Upstairs: Puppet and Prop-Making Workshops



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