News Date: Monday, March 16, 2009 – 9:33am

Beware the Ides – Make That – Pies of March! 2009
Bike Clown Ride & Pie Fight: Bike Clowns vs. “Keystone” Cops

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On March 14, 2009 the Time’s Up! Bicycle Clown Brigade went out once again to liberate the new bike lanes throughout downtown Manhattan. The ride ended with a pie fight with the clown officers who escorted the ride but refused to move any of the many cars the clowns encountered in the bike lanes.

 The clowns successfully cleared the lanes as they warned drivers parked in the bike lanes to beware the Ides – make that – Pies of March.

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While cyclists are beaming with joy over all the new bike lanes, the NYPD has yet to fully enforce the traffic law that prohibits any motor vehicle from parking or idling in the bike lanes. The “Keystone” clown cops tried to thwart the Bike Lane Liberation Clowns’ mission of demonstrating the environmental damage caused by polluting transportation and celebrating the beauty of bike riding.

Betrayal was everywhere on the Pies of March ride but resolution was reached throughout the day: cars quickly moved out of the lanes, an NYPD escorting squad car actually helped move a car from a bike lane and a cab driver happily displayed the bike love proclamation on his dashboard and gave the clowns a hug.

The ride ending with a big pie fight in Astor Place Cube: clowns vs “Keystone” cops. Once both the Time’s Up! Bike Clowns and clown police were both completely creamed, Officers Compassion, Professionalism and Respect declared a truce and promised to start enforcing the traffic law for the lanes so cyclists can feel safe and take advantage of all the wonderful new bike lanes.

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