2012-07-08 – Bike Ride to Ft. Tilden – Bike by Brooklyn

Time’s-Up Ride to Ft. Tilden

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July 8th, 2012

By Anita

This past 4th of July, I joined Time-Up for their ride to Ft. Tilden. Apparently the beach I thought I was going all this time to wasn’t Ft. Tilden but Riis Beach! So I was glad to join this group ride and discover the most remote beach in NYC. And by remote I mean there were at least three other groups in our area…but hey it was the 4th and this is NYC. Nonetheless, it’s a great day escape from the city and I imagine is quiet more often than not.

This ride was particularity fun because of a giant Bob Marley flag, a boombox and the lovely mix of people who came along. If you missed this ride Time-Up leads one to the beach about every month. You can check out their Facebook page or site for more details. Scroll down for the map and route.