2011-11-01 – Pedal Power Fules OWS – euronews

Pedal Power Fuels the Occupy Wall Street Protest


People power now also means pedal power for the Occupy Wall Street movement.

Protesters in New York have had to come up with alternative ways of producing energy for heat and cooking after authorities confiscated their generators.

Fellow activists in Boston came to the rescue, helping to provide expertise and raw materials. Bikes were duly connected to makeshift chargers and all that remained was for volunteers to get pedalling!

“The generators were taken by the fire department and police,” said protester Cameron Healy, 27. “We put a call out to the Occupy in Boston and they ended up getting us some people who were capable of building bikes.”

The generators were seized as a fire hazard, a move Mayor Michael Bloomberg said was not aimed at removing the protest against economic inequality.

Undaunted, demonstrators are pedalling for power, adamant that they are going nowhere.