2011-07-23 – More Ass, Less Gas! The World Naked Bike Ride – Urban Times

More Ass, Less Gas! The World Naked Bike Ride
Urban Times
July 23, 2011
By Alexander Phillips


“More Nudes, No Nukes!!!”

“More Ass, Less Gas!!”

“Love Your Body, Ride Your Bike!”

On Sunday July 24th you will hear these catchy chants being yelled by cyclists all around the globe as people participate in the 8th year of Time’s Up! and the World Naked Bike Ride, 2011. While in New York I met with Ben Shepard, a coordinator of the event and he encouraged me to come down on Sunday to join in what promises to be a fun and liberating protest.

What is if for?

This “bare-as-you-dare” bike ride, apart from being a great excuse to get publicly naked – well almost naked – in New York there are still laws against full public nudity – is aimed at raising awareness around another form of indecent exposure: exposure to toxic pollution, nuclear disaster, reckless driving, and the surprising levels of police harassment of bicyclists. They will be celebrating the cleanest and healthiest alternatives to automobile and oil dependence.

The New York cyclists will meet at the East River Park, off Delancy Street, NYC at 3-4pm where body painting and socialising begins, and will begin the ride at 5pm. Afterward, they will party at the Time’s Up! Brooklyn space at 99 South 6 Street off of Bedford Avenue under the Williamsburg Bridge.