2011-06-24 – Great Bike Valet Service – Patch

Times-Up’s Great Bike Valet Service at Clearwater
June 24, 2011
By Leo Wiegman


The 2011 Clearwater Great Hudson River Revival Festival was great this past weekend. The weather was great. The bands playing in all the music venues were great.

The “Generations” theme was great with so many musicians, volunteers, and attendees spanning multiple generations over the weekend. The sound systems were great. The green living expo and the activist area were great. The vendors were great.

People arrived by car, train, bus, kayak, motorboat, foot, and bicycle. Unofficially, the attendance may have exceeded 15,000.

The only hitch appeared in the traffic arriving at the Festival, particularly at the Route 9 interchange at Croton Point Avenue on Saturday morning. Higher numbers of festival goers arriving earlier than last year combined with a tragic plane crash elsewhere that drew away County police from traffic control at Croton Point Park led to lengthy and unfortunate backups.

But, there was a great transportation alternative–one that has been in place for 10 years.

The Festival’s Bike Valet service run by Times-Up.org experienced its highest number of cyclists ever. If you chose to pedal your way to Croton Point Park, you were in for a treat with the Bike Valet service run by Times Up.

We were among the 300 festival-goers who pedaled our way past the vehicles and shuttle buses right up to the Clearwater Festival’s main entrance, where the Bike Valet’s great service is located.

Our commute between Croton’s Harmon neighborhood to and from the Festival on the Point was less than 10 minutes each way–thanks to the Bike Valet service. Hat’s off to Keegan, Nadette, and all the Times-Up volunteers!