2011-05-01 – PolarBearCon 2011: Riding Bikes – Gothamist

PolarBearCon 2011: Riding Bikes With Ursus Maritimus
May 1, 2011
By Ben Yakas


Following in the footsteps of beloved NYC hipster events Santacon and Zombiecon was yesterday’s Earth Day tie-in, the first PolarBearCon ride. A group of environmentally-concerned citizens dressed in polar bear costumes and took to their bikes to show support for sustainable transportation and clean energy.

The event was started by direct-action environmental group Time’s Up. They wrote about the event, which was an Earth Day tie-in: “Floods, cyclones, snow storms, birds falling from the sky, ice caps melting. The Earth is telling us something…It is predicted that by 2050, the Alaskan Polar Bears will be extinct. Currently, they are listed as a threatened species and groups such as the Natural Resources Defense Council are trying to offer them more protection by listing these animals as endangered.” And it looks like they did some synchronized dancing as well!