2011-04-08 – Cops Outnumber Cyclists 2-To-1 At Critical Mass – Gothamist

Video: Cops Outnumber Cyclists Two-To-One At Critical Mass
The Gothamist
April 8, 2011
By John Del Signore


On the last Friday of every month, advocates for better bicycling conditions in NYC gather in Union Square park to embark on an unplanned group ride. Part social outing, part demonstration, Critical Mass has tangled with the NYPD at least as far back as the Republican Convention, when police set the tone for the weekend’s protest by arresting 200 cyclists, many of whom weren’t released until well over 24 hours later. Despite lawsuits, the NYPD continues to deploy a heavy police presence at Critical Mass, and last month’s ride was no exception, with over 20 cops on motorcycles on hand. The number of cyclists? 10. Here’s video… with the right set of eyes you can almost see your tax dollars spiraling down the toilet:

Speaking of tax dollars down the drain, today the city sent out checks to 83 cyclists who sued for wrongful arrest during Critical Mass rides from 2004-2006. The settlement for the cyclists and their attorneys totaled $965,000. According to an analysis by economist Charles Komanoff, the NYPD Critical Mass “enforcement” is estimated to exceed 3 million dollars. The grassroots environmental group Time’s Up! says this estimate includes current & past lawsuit settlements, NYPD expenditures and court costs. Well, we’re glad just the NYPD spares no expense when it comes to protecting New Yorkers from these terrifying two-wheeled monsters.