2011-03-20 – Pies Of March Ride Puts “Marty” In BK Lane – Gothamist

Photo: Ides (Pies) Of March Puts SUV-Driving “Marty” In PPW Bike Lane
The Gothamist
March 20, 2011
By Jen Chung


We’re still waiting to see more photos from yesterday’s Ides (Pies) of March Bike Ride, but Time’s Up! Tweeted a photo of some special Prospect Park bike lane opponents in a “SUV”—it’s Brooklyn Borough President Marty Markowitz, NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly, Senator Chuck Schumer, former DOT commissioner Iris Weinshall (and wife of Schumer), and former deputy mayor Norman Steisel.

Markowitz memorably rode a tricycle to his State of Borough Address last month, saying, “As you can see, I’ve taken advantage of the Department of Transportation’s newest bike lane,” and then slamming the city, “They are trying to stigmatize car owners and get them to abandon their cars, when the fact is, even many bicyclists also own cars! Cycling is no substitute for mass transit, and there are still tens of thousands of Brooklynites who live far from public transportation and who rely on a car to reach their jobs and live their lives….I have been a vocal critic of the Prospect Park West bike lane because I think it is a perfect example of how not to install a bike lane. It has disrupted the aesthetics of one of Brooklyn’s most beautiful thoroughfares and made it more dangerous to cross the street safely, especially for seniors, young children and parents with strollers.” Guess he really hated that holiday gift from the bike clowns.